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November 2015

Love & Co.’s Interchangeable LVC Promise Wedding Bands

To celebrate anniversaries, Love & Co. is releasing a limited edition of its LVC Promise wedding bands with interchangeable gold bands that represent the strong bonds of marriage.

The premier jewellery specialist in wedding bands and engagement rings, Love & Co. has witnessed many couples make their promises of love and commitment. With one of the largest wedding band collections featuring sleek, contemporary designs that speak of passion and unity, the jeweller offers the modern couple many choices with which to express their love.

Their signature series, the LVC Promise wedding bands, is a collection that has captured the hearts of contemporary couples looking for something as unique as their story. Inspired by an unexpected, yet iconic, pair of items, the LVC Promise series evokes the strength of a bolt and nut in their joining. The wedding bands are crafted with bands in different shades of gold, to forge one sleek, modern band that represents the strong bond of two individuals coming together as one in marriage.

Each ring is masterfully crafted using the latest in CNC technology, and polished using a 21-step method to produce the smoothest convex in the inner band of the ring, so that the wearer experiences long-lasting comfort.

Love & Co. has created a limited edition release of the signature LVC Promise series to celebrate anniversaries. The special Anniversary Edition wedding bands feature unique interchangeable rings in three different shades of gold along with a choice of diamond-studded or plain interlocking bands. Each inner gold band is crafted with five grooves to signify the elements of a lasting relationship—love, bonds, devotion, commitment, and togetherness. Couples who wish to express the different stages of their love journey can change their ring designs by choosing between romantic rose gold, pure white gold, or enduring yellow gold. A simple twist of the bands allows the wearer to customise his or her ring design with a different shade of gold.

Housed in a beautiful box, the LVC Promise Anniversary Edition comes with the bride’s and groom’s bands as well as a complimentary LVC Promise pendant, which features two delicately interlocking rings of different hues, representing the bonds of love between two unique individuals.

From the moment vows are exchanged, to the many anniversaries that follow, the LVC Promise wedding bands signify a commitment to love that lasts.

The special Anniversary Edition LVC Promise wedding bands are only available for a limited time at Love & Co.’s 11 stores.

Images courtesy of Love & Co.

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Love & Co.’s Interchangeable LVC Promise Wedding Bands