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September 2021

Celebrate The Union of Pure Love with Wedding Jewellery from Goldheart

Goldheart celebrates love and happiness throughout the journey of a couple with Pure Love. Find out how to shop for your wedding jewellery, from the proposal to the wedding and beyond.

As a soon-to-wed couple, you may be shopping for your wedding jewellery for the first time, so it is understandably difficult to know where to start. Whether you are an excited groom-to-be looking for the perfect engagement ring, or a bride-to-be discovering modern, wearable Si Dian Jin (四点金) options for the first time, choosing the right jeweller that can best cater to your needs is important for these milestones.

With so many jewellery designs available, how do you even start choosing? We have some tips to help you ease the stress so that you won’t be dazzled by the glitter and make a hasty decision!

Five Essential Tips To Remember When Shopping For Your Wedding Jewellery

1. Shop From A Trusted Jeweller

When shopping for wedding jewellery, always buy from an established jeweller you trust. As the leading bridal jeweller in Singapore, Goldheart enjoys the prestige of being a pioneer in introducing the concept of wedding bands in white gold and platinum to the local market.

An engaging and innovative jewellery brand, Goldheart takes pride in understanding the trends as well as the needs of soon-to-wed couples, and embracing self-expression and individuality through traditional and modern designs. The jewellery pieces from collections such as Celestial, KStyle, 916 Gold, and 999 Gold are specially curated so that couples can make meaningful investments in quality, style and versatility, and find their forever piece.

Goldheart is also the exclusive distributor of Celestial diamond, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond that reveals a spectacular eight-pointed starburst pattern which resembles an eternal star. Known as the star diamond, its patented cut enables it to shine brighter. Visit a Goldheart boutique to view it in person and you will notice that brilliant and eye-catching quality, due to how it flatters the light.

Not only is Goldheart one of the largest jewellery chains in Singapore with 16 jewellery boutiques located at major shopping malls islandwide, the brand is also available on, Shopee, Lazada and eCapitalmall.

2. Spend Within Your Budget

An engagement is the beginning of the journey for every couple and just one of the many important milestones in your lives together. Like any aspect of managing your finances, set aside a sum for your engagement ring, and stay within it. There are many ring designs and diamond options out there to choose from, so you’ll definitely find your forever piece!

Goldheart Star Lab collection

For cost- and environmentally-conscious couples, Star Lab from Goldheart is a great option for you. The collection features lab-grown diamonds that are created through cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural process of diamond creation. Comprising identical chemical structures, the lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from a natural diamond to the naked eye. The designs from the collection are also modern and classic, which are perfect for everyday wear. They are also affordable, which is great news for the budget-conscious as Star Lab offers desired brilliance at competitive prices.

Goldheart Celestial collection

If you’re willing to splurge a little and want something really stunning for your engagement ring, the new Celestial diamond collection might have something you want. A signature from Goldheart, the Celestial diamond symbolises constellations that tell wonderful mythical tales of romance and passion, and the ring designs are timeless and luxurious.

Unlike the typical ring setting with a simple clasp, the Celestial diamond is uplifted and set upon a stellar white gold setting to form an extravagant centrepiece that enhances the radiance and enchanting beauty of the gemstone. Perfect to complete your bridal look, the Celestial collection’s dazzling brilliance echoes your love story written in the stars, and it adds that extra sparkle to your outfits on other important occasions, or even just for brunch with the girls!

Goldheart Celestial Crux collection

For an extraordinary and sparkling way to commemorate important milestones, take a look at the Celestial Crux collection, which pairs the brilliant 73-facet Celestial diamond with a crowning finish. You can opt for white or rose gold, with diamonds ranging from 0.3 – 0.55 carats, to select your favourite dazzling design.

3. Pair Your Jewellery With Your Skin Tone

Have you ever tried on a lip colour that looks amazing on the model, but feels a little off on you? Well, we can relate. The trick is to understand your skin tone! Just like with lip colours or clothes, your skin tone may look better with certain metals, so identifying your skin tone can help you find the perfect jewellery to go with it.

There are two ways to determine your skin tone. The first is to look at the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist. The other is to consider the sun’s effect on your skin. You have a cool skin tone if the veins on your wrist have a blueish tinge and you tend to burn easily under the sun. On the other hand, warmer skin tones have more green in the veins and the skin colour is naturally tanner.

Goldheart Le Pure Wedding Band collection

If you have a cooler skin tone, you will look good in light or white metals such as white gold and platinum. Try on a pair of rings from the Le Pure Wedding Band collection from Goldheart. Platinum is the ideal choice for weddings bands as it has a high density and chemical composition, making it more durable and resistant to wear. The inner ring band is embedded with a Pure Blue sapphire as the perfect symbol of purity and fidelity, representing a special memory and a promise a couple has for each other.

Goldheart Intimo Wedding Band collection

People with warmer skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold. The Intimo Wedding Band Collection features a variety of intertwining 18K rose gold and white gold ring designs. Visit any Goldheart boutique to try on these pieces if you are still unsure which colour suits you.

4. Embrace the traditions behind Si Dian Jin with Style

In Singapore, wedding traditions such as the gifting of the Si Dian Jin, the betrothal jewellery, serve as blessings for newlyweds and to welcome the bride into the groom’s family. That is why it is usually presented to the bride by her mother-in-law. For modern brides, shopping for Si Dian Jin can also make a great bonding session with future mothers-in-law.

Goldheart 999 Gold Si Dian JinGoldheart 999 Gold collection

This year’s 999 Gold collection from Goldheart features new exclusive designs catered to people looking for both oriental and modern design. As the first jeweller to design and produce their own exclusive 999 Si Dian Jin jewellery, Goldheart seeks to capture the hearts of the local market with modern and affordable options. The designs are inspired by beads and geometric shapes, each bead symbolising the unique memories that the couples share with each other, stringing together to form their own unique story. A symbol of prosperity and wealth, the 99.9%gold content of 999 Gold conveys the purest blessing and sincerity in a marital union.

Goldheart 916 Gold Si Dian JinGoldheart 916 Gold collection

For something more contemporary and sophisticated, the MODE Gold 916 collection features modern 916 gold jewellery designed with European state-of-art technology, which is capable of producing intricate and beautiful designs in a fashionable champagne gold hue. The new collection features a blend of white and yellow gold beaded tassel jewellery, symbolising the union of two unique individuals. Timeless and elegant, the tasteful European designs add style to your outfits even after your special day.

Goldheart KStyle Si Dian ZuanGoldheart KStyle collection

Fans of romantic rose gold will be happy to know that the KStyle collection has occasion sets that can be worn as Si Dian Zuan (四点钻) and still look trendy enough for everyday wear. The collection is inspired by the vibrant city of Seoul and flowers such as the four-leaf clover, which symbolises good luck, faith, hope, love, and success.

5. Last But Not Least, Don’t Rush It

Take time to choose the jewellery pieces you love, as they make meaningful investments and can be worn long after your wedding day. That is the whole point of fine jewellery — quality pieces with timeless designs that will last a lifetime.

Goldheart is now offering private bridal consultations with couples. RSVP now to enjoy 1-for-1 wedding bands, exclusive promotions and complimentary gifts to celebrate your cherished moments. Consultation dates are: 25 September, 2 October and 23 October (limited slots available from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.).

Goldheart has 16 jewellery boutiques located at all major shopping malls islandwide, and an eBoutique. Goldheart can also be found on Shopee, Lazada and eCapitalmall.

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Celebrate The Union of Pure Love with Wedding Jewellery from Goldheart