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August 2018

Fall in Love with One-of-a-Kind Bespoke Wedding Jewellery and Gemstones with La Putri

Meet La Putri, a couture jeweller with over four decades of experience of crafting affordable bespoke jewellery for generations of women.

For a celebration as personal and momentous as a wedding, bespoke jewellery is the way to go if you are looking for wedding jewellery that is as unique as your big day and person. For the uninitiated, bespoke jewellery may seem daunting and expensive. However, it is actually less complicated and costly than you would think. For starters, you should look for bespoke jewellers like La Putri with vast experience, knowledge, design capabilities and personalised service – all the qualities that you’d need when customising jewellery.

A Couture Jeweller With More Than Four Decades of History and Experience

Sapphire Pear-Cut and Diamonds Ring, set in La Putri’s signature Lumas band, priced from $1,500 onwards

Known for their exceptional quality in fine gems, innovation, inspirational designs and unparalleled personal service, couture jeweller La Putri was founded in 1973 by Madam Wan Ming Chin. As a first-of-its-kind jeweller back in the 1970s, La Putri first started out as a humble home business where Madam Wan shared her love of fine jewellery with friends and family. Soon, the business flourished and set up its flagship shop at Ampang Park Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Today, La Putri is helmed by Madam Wan’s two daughters who brought the brand to our shores in year 2000, and continues to offer its customers the same exquisite quality, one-of-a-kind designs and personalised bespoke service the brand is recognised for.

More Than Just a Bespoke Jeweller

Blue Sapphire Rings set in La Putri’s signature stackable Lumas bands, priced from $1,500 onwards

Every visit to La Putri is more than just a buying-selling trip. Their spacious boutique, personalised service and familiar friendliness puts you at ease the minute you step in, making you feel like you’re visiting a family friend rather than a jeweller. Sometimes, they even feel like your very own confidant as you share with them your personal stories and events that led you to where you are today. Dedicated to deliver the right piece of jewellery to the right owner, the experts at La Putri are more than happy to share their knowledge and offer advice and suggestions to help you find the piece of jewellery that is perfect and uniquely yours.

Bespoke creations from $1,000 onwardsCarved White Jadeite and Diamond Earrings, price from $2,500 onwards

So, whether you are a groom-to-be looking to customise an engagement ring for your lady, an engaged couple searching for a one-of-a-kind Si Dian Jin set, or simply looking to rework a family heirloom jewellery into your very own piece, La Putri’s in-house designers will listen patiently to your needs and answer any questions you may have about coloured gemstones and customising jewellery, and make recommendations based on your priorities and wants to deliver jewellery that is uniquely yours at an affordable price. So, don’t be afraid to open up and communicate your wants and needs as La Putri is more than happy to listen and guide you along your customisation journey!

What You Need To Know About Precious and Coloured Gemstones

Modern Si Dian Jin set – Purple Jade Pendant, Rose Quartz and Diamond Cuff, Green Jadeite Earrings, priced from $1,800 onwards

What truly sets La Putri apart from other jewellers is their vast offering of coloured gemstones, pearls, jade and innovative designs. Although they do carry and offer diamonds, La Putri is known for their wide variety of coloured and rare gemstones such as the Paraiba Tourmalines that may not be widely available elsewhere, and creative designs that stand out against run-of-the-mill creations.

The world of coloured gemstones is exceedingly interesting and varied as compared to diamonds. Sure, there is no denying that diamonds are pretty, classic and still the preferred bling for most. But with so many different types of gemstones, colours and intensity available for your picking, the possibilities of fashioning one-of-a-kind jewellery with a coloured gem is endless, even within the same family of stone!

Carved Green Jadeite Ring, priced at $1,900Pearl “goldfish” with Diamonds and Ruby in 18K gold Earrings from the “Yu” collection, priced from $3,500 onwards

Don’t worry if you’re new to coloured gemstones; La Putri’s in-house designers will gladly introduce and ease you into the world of coloured gems and show you their unique beauty. They’ll also share that although the quality and value of a coloured gemstone is determined by the purity, intensity and degree of saturation of its colour, you should not make your selection based on the stone’s perceived value and quality. Rather, you should choose one that speaks to you on an emotional and personal level in spite of its perceived value and quality.

One-of-a-Kind Jewellery That Belongs Only to You

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, $15,800

Sourced from all over the world, La Putri’s collection of gemstones are of the finest quality and affordably priced, each unique in its own way, which makes your bespoke piece even more special because there is only one of its kind. But the charisma of bespoke jewellery and precious gems lie not only in its uniqueness, but in its emotional and sentimental value.

At La Putri, customers get to see the raw piece of gem before it is set and made into jewellery. They get to marvel in its raw beauty and appreciate nature’s handiwork even before it is transformed into a sentimental piece that speaks of how much their loved one means to them and the amount of work and thought taken to craft it into a wearable piece of jewellery. And of course, since it was created with a specific someone in mind, it is a representation of who they are as an individual.

Vintage Ruby Ring set in modern ring setting. Bespoke creations from $1,000 onwardsInterchangeable Diamond Tiara turns into necklace for glamorous occasions. Price on request.

And that’s what makes bespoke jewellery precious and one-of-a-kind. Every time you look at your customised engagement ring or wedding band, you’ll be reminded of the emotional and sentimental value behind it, the person who gifted it to you and the occasion it celebrates.

Enjoy 20% off at the La Putri X SingaporeBrides: All About Wedding Jewellery Workshop

Assorted rings, priced from $2,000 onwards

Experience La Putri’s renowned personalised service in person and speak to the experts and in-house designers about your wants and needs, and let them show you around their vast and beautiful collection of coloured gemstones and unique jewellery designs at an exclusive La PutrixSingaporeBrides: All About Wedding Jewellery Workshop on 22 September 2018, 1-5pm, at their spacious and welcoming boutique at Mandarin Gallery.

Enjoy a luxurious assortment of refreshments as you get an insider look to modern bridal jewellery and wedding styling and an eye-opener introduction to the world of precious gemstones and fine craftsmanship when you RSVP for the workshop. You’ll also get to enjoy an exclusive promotion of 20% off when you attend the workshop. Admission is complimentary and strictly based on appointment. So, hurry and click here to register for a slot today!

All images courtesy of La Putri. Feature image showcases a Modern Si Dian Jin set of feminine, delicate and classy silhouettes, priced from $2,000 onwards

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Fall in Love with One-of-a-Kind Bespoke Wedding Jewellery and Gemstones with La Putri