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July 2021

How To Make Sure She Doesn’t Hate Her Surprise Engagement Ring

Should the design of an engagement ring be a complete surprise? We think not, and here’s why.

Marriage is one of life’s most important decisions, so most couples talk about getting married long before the proposal. You’ve basically decided to marry each other already, but you want to do it properly and surprise her with a romantic proposal. You’ve thought up the perfect way to blindside her and ask for her hand, and you envision going down on bended knee, opening up the ring box—but wait, what if the ring you reveal isn’t the one she was hoping for?

There are many brides who—while appreciating the thought and care their significant others put into choosing their rings—ended up hating their surprise engagement rings. Not wanting to sound materialistic or unappreciative, they may find it difficult and awkward to navigate a conversation about changing the ring after the proposal.

Your girlfriend will be wearing that engagement ring on her finger for the rest of her life, so it should be something she loves and something that reflects her unique personality. An engagement ring is also an expensive piece of fine jewellery that will cost in the thousands, so it makes practical sense to ensure that it suits your girlfriend’s tastes.

Ask Her about Her Engagement Ring Style

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If you’ve been discussing marriage, your girlfriend will already know that a proposal is in the works. It won’t ruin the surprise to ask her what style of engagement ring she prefers. Not every bride wants a brilliant cut diamond solitaire these days, with so many beautiful ring designs on the market—from dainty and intricate metalwork to alternative coloured stones to vintage pieces.

Start by asking her if she likes a particular gemstone or colour. Sapphires, rubies, morganites, or emeralds? Perhaps she’s always dreamed of a romantic pink engagement ring, or she prefers deeper shades like green or blue. If she’s looking for a particular colour without being set on a particular type of stone, there might be a range of gemstones in different price points that could suit.

Next, what style of ring is she after—classic, modern, indie, minimalist, vintage? Perhaps she wants an Art Deco-style ring set with coloured gem side stones, or she might be looking for something bohemian and modern, with stones in an asymmetrical design and a raw finish on the bands.

You should also find out what cut or shape of stone she likes. There are many more options beyond the classic brilliant cut, especially if you’re looking for a coloured gemstone. From emerald cuts that show off the vibrant hues of a gemstone, to unique shapes like a sleek marquise or an elegant asscher cut, the shape of the centre stone plays a big part in the design of an engagement ring. Some modern rings even feature a series of complementary gemstones in an asymmetrical design instead of one centre stone. Finally. what kind of metal does she prefer, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum?

If this is all too confusing to remember, ask to see some pictures! Chances are, she’s already got a whole Pinterest board or Saved collection of engagement rings she loves. Keep those handy in your phone. Now you know what kind of ring she wants, ask her if she wants you to choose the final ring based on her references and then surprise her, or if she’d prefer to choose it herself.

Shop Alone or Together?

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Armed with all of her likes and dislikes, and a set of reference images, you can confidently go shopping for an engagement ring she’ll love. Check out our list of jewellers in Singapore to start your search. Nothing seems to match your reference rings? You can also design a bespoke ring with a custom jeweller by showing the jeweller images of rings your girlfriend likes.

If you’re worried she won’t love something you choose on your own, why not ask if she’d like to shop for the engagement ring together? The easiest way to ensure your girlfriend loves her engagement ring is to shop for it together. Turn it into a romantic experience by making a date of it. She’ll be really excited to try on rings and imagine the next step you’ll be taking towards your future. You can also opt to design a bespoke engagement ring together at a custom jeweller. Letting her choose the ring design doesn’t mean you’ll be left out of the selection process. You can take the lead on the more technical aspects such as the 4Cs or price comparisons while your girlfriend goes gaga over how sparkly the rings look on her finger.

Now you’re assured she’ll say yes to the ring, you can go back to planning a proposal that will sweep her off her feet!

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