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March 2021

Crafting Bespoke Gemstone Engagement Rings with GIOIA Fine Jewellery

A unique, customised gemstone engagement ring tells the special woman in your life just how much you love and cherish her individuality and personality.

The first thing that pops into your mind when you think of popping the question is the ring. You picture going down on one knee and opening the ring box to reveal a sparkling engagement ring to which she just can’t say no—an engagement ring that reflects how much you cherish the unique personality of the one and only woman in your life. While diamond solitaires are a popular engagement ring choice, many modern women prefer expressing their individuality and style through a coloured gemstone ring. Natural precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies appear in an almost infinite spectrum of hues, and the unique colour and character of your chosen gemstone is a fitting tribute to the one person with whom you’ve chosen to spend forever.

Looking for a gemstone engagement ring is rather different from shopping for a diamond ring at the usual jewellery retailers with their collections of pre-made rings. To find that perfect coloured stone, you’ll probably need to get your ring crafted for you. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, every piece is custom-made and designed for the wearer. Specialising in bespoke gemstone jewellery, GIOIA Fine Jewellery believes that each customised piece of jewellery tells a unique story. Experienced jewellery designer Cheryl has devoted the past decade into creating stunning one-of-a-kind jewellery that perfectly captures the style of and sparks joy for the wearer.

Sapphire Engagement RingMahenge pink spinel engagement ringCushion-cut mint tourmaline with pear-shaped diamonds engagement ringMorganite ring with diamond halo and vintage detailing

Selecting a Gemstone

Prized for their vibrant hues, gemstones offer a wide variety of choice when it comes to your favourite colours. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, the designers will suggest a jewel to suit not just your style and colour preference, but also your budget and your lifestyle, to make sure your ring is suitable for daily wear.

Co-founder Clarence tells us that couples looking for blue hues can consider blue tourmaline and aquamarine in addition to the classic blue sapphire. Those looking for a deep red can opt for red spinel which resembles the sought-after pigeon blood ruby, and for pastel pink shades, Clarence suggests pink tourmaline or morganite. “Spinels have excellent character and unique refraction, and come in a wide range of colours, from purple to teal to grey,” shares Clarence. “Their remarkable hardness of 8.5 also makes them suitable for daily wear.” With a myriad of brilliant hues available, coloured gemstones offer jewellers a host of creative opportunities for incredible designs.

You can also find your ideal colour at different price points. “The pricing of a gemstone depends on many factors, including the variety of gem. A sapphire, tourmaline, spinel, and alexandrite might look similar in colour, however, there can be great difference in price due to the difference in rarity,” explains Clarence. “In the world of coloured gems, the colour, shade, and lustre of the gem plays a major part in the price too. Highly saturated, vivid shades are premium in price compared to dull and pastel-hued ones.” Whether you have an affinity for a certain colour, or want a gemstone with a particular significance, the jewellers at GIOIA believe that your choice should not be hampered by price. “As the engagement ring is a representation of a lifetime commitment, it might not be necessary to choose a gem that is highly priced, but one that is precious and timeless,” they advise.

Morganite and sapphire floral cluster engagement ringGrey cushion-cut spinel engagement ring with diamond haloColour change sapphire engagement ring with heart and side stone detailing

Design Your Story

An engagement ring is also a declaration of love and commitment, and is the perfect opportunity to express your unique journey together. For couples who are afraid of the cost of a bespoke ring, GIOIA Fine Jewellery is known for crafting bespoke jewellery that fit their clients’ budgets. “Customising a ring for your special one is not as complicated or expensive as you think it is,” shares the designers. “In fact, handcrafted jewellery is of better quality and is more durable than mass-produced pieces.”

For men who want to surprise their significant others, the designers at GIOIA Fine Jewellery will guide you through a personalised bespoke ring journey where they take the time to understand her preferences and style. “The gemstone engagement ring can be designed with her favourite character or incorporate floral detailing if she loves nature,” they share.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your conviction that you’ve found the woman of your dreams, and you can’t live without her. The design of your ring should show her how well you understand her, and just how much she means to you. It’s your chance to celebrate her individuality with a unique pear-shaped or trillion cut jewel, or make a promise for forever with a three-stone setting that represents past, present, and future.

Orange-pink spinel wedding bandsBlue-green tourmaline and diamond wedding bandsGlacier-inspired wedding bands with sapphire and tanzaniteConstellation wedding bands with spinel and emerald

There are also many couples who choose to design their rings together. As the designers tell us, “There is no better way to ensure the purchase of the perfect ring for the perfect woman than to involve her in the process!” Sharing the design journey also allows you to design your wedding bands together with the engagement ring in the trend of the ring stack. You can imbue your ring design with your story, such as one couple did with their bespoke rings by GIOIA Fine Jewellery. “We designed a constellation wedding ring set was customised to signify many precious moments the couple cherished,” they share. “The lady’s ring was designed with a personalised touch and made stackable to the engagement ring.”

Another particularly memorable creation for the designers at GIOIA Fine Jewellery was an exquisite glacier-inspired wedding band set they crafted for one couple. “The design reminds the couple of the precious moments of their proposal,” says the team. “The couple canoed through a glacier and he went down on one knee at the shore to propose to her.” Every time you catch a glimpse of your bespoke wedding band, you’ll be reminded of the precious moments you two shared and the love that binds you together.

Paraiba tourmaline wedding bandsPadpadscha sapphire and diamond engagement ringSapphire engagement ring with vintage floral halo settingParaiba tourmaline wedding band with stackable ladies band

Crafting Heirloom Jewellery

Fine craftsmanship and passion go into the design of each engagement ring and wedding band created at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, so that it tells a unique story—the story of its wearer. “We take immense pride in designing each piece of customised jewellery, and we infuse passion into every single piece that we design,” the jewellers tell us. “The intricacy and fine detailing that go into a design are unparalleled. Each piece is worthy of being treated as an heirloom treasure that will be passed down for generations and truly cherished.”

A bespoke ring captures the precious moments of your story and leaves them sparkling on your finger for the rest of your life, as a beautiful reminder of your love. It holds a story to be passed down through the generations. Speak to GIOIA Fine Jewellery to begin your own bespoke engagement ring journey, and create a ring that is truly about you.

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Crafting Bespoke Gemstone Engagement Rings with GIOIA Fine Jewellery