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October 2020

Beyond Seasons — A Styled Shoot on Timeless Love

With a soft and feminine colour palette and timeless wedding dress silhouettes, this styled shoot explores the concept of time and love lasting through the seasons.

If you joined The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair – Online from 10 to 18 October 2020, you’ll have seen some beautifully styled shots on our artwork. Today, we’re excited to share the full set of this styled shoot, put together by a wonderful team of creatives: Amanda W. Jewellery, Arly Co., Fellow Folks, Justrealle Photography, Proverbs Studio, and Souldeelight, and talent Caen.

Titled Beyond Seasons, the shoot was inspired by the celebration of a key milestone in life—weddings—no matter the season. As stylist Brendan of Fellow Folks says, “We believe in celebrating love all year round!” Exploring the idea of time, the team was also drawn to the timelessness of classics and the emotions such classics evoke. “The nostalgic feeling that one gets when browsing through old family photos and that sense of admiration upon poring through the wedding details,” Brendan muses. “Details like the silhouette of your grandmother’s wedding dress, hair and makeup, jewellery, and even her lush, classic, cascading bouquet still look so relevant today. We set out to achieve the same sense of elegance and class in a modern setting that one can look back on 10 years later, and still fall deeply in love with.”

Featuring a feminine colour palette to represent the rose-tinted lens of love, the team used hues of orange, yellow, pink, with pops of purple and maroon in their artful sets. For their first set, Fellow Folks recreated a garden with lush floor floral arrangements in different colour palettes that echoed the change of the seasons. Talent Caen wore a scalloped lace gown with illusion cut-outs and pearl embellishments by Proverbs Studio, and Airin from Arly Co. completed her look with effortless makeup and loose waves for the casual stroll through the garden. To represent the timelessness of her love story, “bride” Caen wore the classic closed loop designs of a diamond eternity band, a diamond tennis bracelet, and a diamond all-around necklace by Amanda W. Jewellery. For soft portraits, the team set up a drape installation to create an intimate space where a bride could dream and contemplate her new season ahead.

Jazreel from Justrealle Photography then captured Caen having a serene moment of reflection beside the mirrors on the floor that mimicked tranquil ponds in the garden. Caen wore a sparkling gown and an ethereal tulle cape dripping with pearls and droplets of water. Bountiful spring was represented with a bright and vibrant floral headdress and a floral wedding gown.

The team explored the season of winter with creative calligraphy as an expression of love externalised on the skin. “We fell in love with Joy Proctor’s interpretation of “The Poetry of Love”, which featured body calligraphy,” shares Brendan. “To achieve the feelings of tranquillity and stillness of a cool winter’s night, we enlisted Souldeelight for calligraphy on our talent’s body.” The extravagant ruffles on model’s wedding gown created a beautiful contrast with the flowing script on her skin.

With its interpretation of the eternity of love through the changing seasons, this styled shoot hopes to remind couples not to be overwhelmed by passing trends. “We created this shoot with the intention to inspire them to stay true to themselves and what resonates best for them,” Brendan tells us. “When you are content and just being true to you, your guests can feel the warmth and love during the wedding celebrations. It’s not necessarily the most trendy aspects that will be a standout, but rather the intimacy and heartfelt moments that you will take away from your own wedding.” And that’s what you will fondly remember when you look back on your wedding album with your grandchildren.

Thank you, team, for sharing this shoot with us!

Photography: Justrealle Photography
Set Decor & Styling: Fellow Folks
Outfits: Proverbs Studio
Makep & Hair: ARLY
Jewellery: Amanda W. Jewellery
Model: Caen Loh
Calligraphy: Souldeelight

Credits: Images by Justrealle PHotography

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Beyond Seasons — A Styled Shoot on Timeless Love