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October 2020

A Rustic Wanderlust Styled Pre-Wedding Shoot

We speak to the creatives behind Stephanie and Li Ming’s gorgeous styled pre-wedding shoot in Coney Island.

Yesterday, we shared Stephanie and Li Ming’s story and beautiful pre-wedding shoot. Today, we speak to the creative minds behind this breathtaking rustic wanderlust styled pre-wedding shoot that took place in Singapore.

Share with us the concept behind Stephanie and Li Ming’s styled pre-wedding shoot. What were the elements you used to bring the concept to life?

Bridelope Productions: We wanted to preserve the warm, romantic mood that is present across all of Bridelope’s photos, but at the same time highlight the couple’s playful and adventurous nature. To achieve this, we used props like a backpack and a vintage leather satchel to represent the couple venturing off on an exciting escapade together, while still having a lovely, vibrant bouquet of flowers from Liz Florals to balance the elements and add a touch of femininity. We also made sure to photograph a variety of poses such as close up, intimate shots, as well as more energetic ones that encompassed running and jumping to capture their liveliness.

Esta Hsu Makeup: To complement the day’s concept, I proposed a chic and bold makeup look to suit Stephanie and Li Ming’s young and adventurous personalities.

Liz Florals: To add romance to the shoot, I decided on blush and cream tones for the flowers, with pops of red and yellow to add vibrancy and an element of fun!

How did the styling of the couple’s outfits and looks play a part in complementing the chosen concept for the shoot?

Bridelope Productions: As we were working towards a casual and fun concept, the couple’s outfit had to mirror that as well. For example, the bride wore a light, roomy A-line gown from Lacebridge that would allow her to move around uninhibitedly and frolic with ease, as opposed to wearing something like a mermaid cut that would be typically more restrictive in terms of movement. Additionally, she opted to have her hair down with Esta instead of up, so that we would be able to capture more movement to add on to the concept. On the other hand, the groom wore a fun coloured bow tie and chose a plain suit that was not overly formal, and carried a practical looking bag that was suited for travelling.

Lacebridge: The concept was spirited and carefree, just like the couple themselves. Stephanie chose a gown with layers and layers of soft tulle in the A-line silhouette, lending a soft, dreamy and flowy touch to her get-up. The illusion long sleeves coupled with intricate beading and crystals also gave a soft shine to outdoor shoot.

What were some of the difficulties faced during the shoot?

Bridelope: The heat and humidity were the biggest obstacle during the shoot because naturally, there was a pretty large amount of perspiration involved. We wanted some shots of Li Ming without his jacket on for an even more relaxed and informal look, but because his shirt was white, we had to be careful to avoid photographs where the material appeared translucent from all the perspiration. Also, because the Stephanie’s hair was worn down and her gown had a low back, perspiration would make her hair stick to her skin, so we had to continuously make minor adjustments and arrange things in place as we went along with the shoot.

What are some tips you have for couples who wish to embark on a similar outdoor pre-wedding shoot?

Bridelope Productions: Do bring along essentials like water, tissue paper, umbrellas and insect repellent! They definitely come in handy if you prefer to have your shoot in forested areas, and it never hurts to be prepared for all sorts of situations at an outdoor shoot.

The most important thing is to really have fun, be yourselves, and enjoy the shoot! As photographers, we try our best to get you comfortable in front of the camera and supply loads of excitement, because aside from producing quality content, our goal is to also ensure that every couple has a pleasant shoot so the whole experience can be a fulfilling one. Once a couple begins to feel more relaxed and has a good time, their connection in the photos always becomes more apparent and genuine.

Lacebridge: Always do a recee of the location first, preferably with your photographer or by yourself. Discuss what’s best for the theme, and the feasibility of executing it. Also, always have a back up plan for bad weather! And brides, remember to bring along a pair of flat shoes to wear when walking to and fro locations, and change back into your high-heeled shoes when it is time to shoot because wedding gowns look better with high-heeled shoes!

Esta Hsu Makeup: Let all your worries go and just follow the flow of the day and shoot. Relax, and let your photographer guide you through the session, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pre-wedding shoot to the fullest. You can also add in simple personal touches that represent your relationship, just like what Stephanie and Li Ming did during their pre-wedding shoot. If you can, bring along your sister or a best friend to the shoot for some company to help you loosen up and relax for the shoot.

Liz Florals: For outdoor shoots, I think it is important to have a comfortable pair of shoes to change into while shuttling to and fro locations. An umbrella and portable fan are also necessities for an outdoor shoot as the sun can get really hot. Oh, and don’t forget to bring along a container of water for your flowers to keep them hydrated and looking their best as well!

Above everything else, just trust your vendors to do a good job! Oh, it’ll also help to have a wet weather plan if you are planning on an outdoor shoot.

The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Bridelope Productions
The Gown: Lacebridge
The Bride’s Shoes: Zalora
The Suit: SuitsCraft
The Groom’s Shoes: Aldo
The Engagement Ring: Love & Co.
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: ESTA HSU
The Florist: Liz Florals

Feature Image and all other images from Stephanie and Li Ming’s Rustic Wanderlust Styled Pre-Wedding Shoot in Coney Island by Bridelope Productions

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A Rustic Wanderlust Styled Pre-Wedding Shoot