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November 2020

A Boho Rustic Wedding Styled Shoot with Warm Elegant Colours

Let this boho rustic styled shoot by I Do For You inspire you for your upcoming intimate wedding.

Seeking to inspire couples with Instagram-worthy set-ups that complement cosier venues with the same grandeur as one at a grand ballroom, wedding stylist Steffie of I Do For You, partnered with Autelier Makeup to dress up Autelier Loft for an intimate wedding in a styled shoot with a talented band of wedding vendors such as Bridelope Productions, Stitch By Stitch Co., Wedding Crafters and Assemble, and a lovely, young couple, Geraldine and Willard.

We go behind-the-scenes and speak to Steffie to learn more about the space and the concept of the shoot, as well as a short interview with Geraldine and Willard on their first wedding styled shoot experience with the wedding vendors involved.

Share with us the concept behind the shoot and how you brought the concept to life.

Steffie: The shoot took place at Autelier Loft, and we wanted to showcase how the indoor and outdoor areas can be utilised to host a wedding, proposal and even birthday parties and other events. To complement the size of the venue, we went for something cosy to bring out the intimacy of the space. We also wanted to infuse some romance and elegance into the venue, so we decided on a boho rustic theme with warm, Fall shades.

For the indoor space, we created an arch as the wedding backdrop with a boho rustic twist. We also brought in a white carpet to create a makeshift stage for the bride and groom, and added lanterns and candles to the set-up for a more romantic vibe that complements the cosy look.

For the outdoor balcony area, we envisioned a solemnisation or an intimate wedding dinner set-up. So, we brought in a green wall to add warmth to the otherwise blank canvas, peppered with some aisle pieces and tiffany chairs. Our team also added a couple of string lights to make the area more intimate and bring in the light in the evening.

Now, Geraldine and Willard, you were chosen by Autelier Makeup for the styled shoot. Before talk about your experience at the shoot, tell us about yourselves. How did you met and what do you love about each other?

Both: We met at a bar!

Geraldine: I love his personality and mindset. He’s thoughtful, considerate, funny, easy-going and has an attractive smile. After getting to know him better, I realised that we share similar thoughts, so that’s a plus point for me, which made him more attractive for me. Eventually, I fell in love with him.

Willard: I love her personality. She’s considerate and I realised that I smile and laugh a lot when I’m with her. We share common concepts about relationships and last but not least, I love the way she eats. I find it so adorable!

How did you know he/she was the one?

Geraldine: I feel absolutely comfortable with him and I realised a new side of myself from this relationship. He’s not just a person of words but also one of actions. He always prioritises me and is willing to make sacrifices for the better of the relationship. Most importantly, he gets along well with my close friends and family.

Willard: When I’m with her, I feel like myself and secured. Hence, I started being curious about our future, imagining how we’ll be when we’re old and how we’ll be when we have a family together.

Walk us through the styled shoot. What was it like and did you have fun?

Geraldine: It was not my first time doing shoots so I know it was not going to be as easy as it looks on screen or in photos. However, it was my first time doing a styled shoot with bridal makeup on. It was fun throughout the shoot as it was our first photoshoot together and a new experience for us. Luckily, the weather was kind throughout the day, although it did drizzle slightly later in the evening. But, overall, all was good.

Willard: It was fun and I had a few memorable moments when I attempted to dance and swing her around while she was in my arms.

Did you have any funny moments during the shoot?

Geraldine: Yes! We were asked to discuss what we were going to have for dinner during the shoot, and we got so serious with the discussion that we totally forgot that we were in the middle of a shoot! It was also quite funny when he had to swing me in his arms for some of the shots, because I knew he was having some difficulty doing so while trying to look good for the camera.

Willard: Definitely when I had to swing her in my arms for some of the shots, and when I saw her in full heavy makeup because I have never seen her like that before.

What are some advice you have for couples who will be embarking on pre-wedding shoot?

Both: For starters, make sure to find a photographer you are really comfortable with, as it will make the engagement throughout the shoot a lot easier. Then, remember to be considerate to one another during the shoot because it can be a really long process. Lastly, be open to suggestions and ideas as your photographer has a lot more experience to share that’ll help you look good in your photos.

The Venue: Autelier Loft
The Photographer: Bridelope Productions
The Gown: Stitch By Stitch Co. and Wedding Crafters
The Suit: Assemble SG
The Stylist and Florist: I Do For You
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Autelier Makeup

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A Boho Rustic Wedding Styled Shoot with Warm Elegant Colours