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August 2020

Manda Olivia and Daniel’s Modern and Intimate Home Solemnisation

Manda Olivia and her love Daniel tied the knot in an intimate and ethereal home solemnisation in the midst of the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Phase 2 period.

Amanda Olivia, 28, Marketing Professional, and Daniel Chan, 28, Aviation Executive, exchanged their vows on 11 July 2020 in a beautiful and intimate home solemnisation, after revising their wedding plans four times in just one month in response to the changing COVID-19 wedding regulations. Tackling the stress and the hassle together brought them closer to understanding the true meaning of marriage—love and teamwork.

How did you two meet?

Manda Olivia: Daniel and I met in University and we were dating for about five years before we got married.

Did COVID-19 affect your wedding plans?

Manda Olivia: The period brought about much uncertainty to our planning due to the rapidly changing landscape and safety measures. Our solemnisation date fell just outside of the Circuit Breaker Phase 1 period, which meant that many social distancing measures were still in place. Because of that, our wedding arrangements underwent a total of four changes in one month in response to the measures in place at that time.

This also trickled down to uncertainty in decisions such as our styling theme, my gown, the groom’s suit, food catering, etc. Many businesses weren’t fully open during this period, which affected our plans. For example, many food businesses (catering in particular) were not operating at that time yet.

To address all the moving parts, Daniel and I took a week of annual leave before the actual day to regroup and piece the event together. It turned out to be very memorable and intimate. It is definitely something worth the hassle because it helped us identify the true meaning of marriage—love beyond inconvenience, and teamwork.

Tell us how you created your beautiful solemnisation.

Manda Olivia: Our solemnisation was held in the comforts of our home because we felt that it was the most convenient option for our closest family members to gather.

Choosing a theme was tricky for us because of the last-minute changes to the wedding venue. With that, it had evolved from an oriental look, to a Kinfolk vibe, to even a fashion editorial set. We finally settled on a modern, sophisticated theme to suit the look of the final venue.

The look and feel of the theme reflects Daniel and my personalities, but the important bits of the styling ultimately boiled down to the little details. Our wedding stylist suggested we write notes to each member of the family to take home as a door gift.

What was your solemnisation day like?

Manda Olivia: Given the DIY Zoom video streaming component of the wedding, we thought it ran more smoothly than expected! Both our families wanted to put on “a good show” over Zoom for our extended relatives and friends who weren’t able to be present with us on the day of, so we rehearsed till 10.30pm the day before. Everything went according to plan and right on schedule with the help of our wedding coordinator too.

What was the most memorable moment of your solemnisation?

Manda Olivia: We had to gather as many hands on board as possible to help plan and execute our solemnisation as we had only set our minds to hold it over Zoom two weeks before the actual date. As such, the most memorable bit was having rallied both families to come and work on the preparation together for the first time. For example, Daniel and my dad were in charge of the Zoom cameras, my father in-law was our solemniser, etc.

Are there plans for a bigger wedding celebration down the lane?

Manda Olivia: We do hope that we will still be able to celebrate this joyous milestone with our extended relatives and friends, but as the road ahead with regards to the pandemic is still highly uncertain, we are keeping our options open to possibilities.

The Venue: Home
The Wedding Day Photographer: iki company
The Gown: The Ivory
The Suit: Brooks Brothers
The Wedding Bands: storïs
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Candy from a2iMakeup
The Caterer: Slake
The Wedding Cake: Sherramelts
The Florist: Bloomen
The Wedding Stylist: Medkarlek Inc
The Wedding Planner: The Wedding Concepteur

Credits: Images by iki company

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Manda Olivia and Daniel’s Modern and Intimate Home Solemnisation