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April 2020

Finding Your Story With Our Wedding Story

A wedding video is more than just the scenes caught on camera. It is about the personal connections and stories behind the camera too. It is just this that makes Our Wedding Story‘s wedding videos intimate and unique.

For Aloysius from Our Wedding Story, wedding videography is more than just capturing the scenes from behind the camera and adding it all into a video. Wedding videography is about the visual story of a couple. It is about celebrating the special connection between the two people. To express their story and love in a wedding video is why he loves what he does.

Let’s tell a story

Aloysius’ interest in wedding videography began as a hobby when he picked it up more than ten years ago while in National Service. It was around that time when he experimented with techniques and editing. The turning point for him was when he was asked to do a wedding video for his sister. That was the catalyst for Our Wedding Story’s birth. This first official wedding video prompted Aloysius to begin offering his services online in forums to couples with a smaller budget and very quickly, Our Wedding Story took off and he has not looked back since.

With this belief that everyone’s love story is different and unique to each individual, Our Wedding Story does not go for the typical cookie-cutter wedding video. Instead, they prefer to focus on the narratives of each story. Their actual day and conceptual pre-wedding videos tend to focus on the “why”, rather than the “what”. Every love story is different and interesting, and it is through digging deeper into these narratives that make their films different from others you see elsewhere. A couple’s story is where their conceptualisation and ideation process begins.

Let’s Get Comfortable

When asked further how they discover what makes each relationship story unique, Aloysius replies that the team uses the five love languages: words of affirmation, touch, quality time, acts of service, and gifts. Every individual (and every couple) expresses their love differently and these five love languages will help to create a film that they personally identify with. While taking wedding videos may seem like a daunting experience for many couples, Our Wedding Story ensures that their couples are at their most comfortable to have the truest representation of their love and connection with one another.

Not only is it important for the couple to be comfortable with one another while shooting, but the rapport and connection between the couple and the wedding videographer is just as crucial. What goes on behind the camera often affects what goes on in front of the camera. Our Wedding Story confesses that perhaps that is even more important than the actual filming and footage that they get. It’s all about the connection and rapport with the couples for them!

“A comfortable rapport not only helps with communication during the shoot, but it also helps the couple to be more relaxed during the process,” Aloysius shares. “This makes for the best visuals.”

Methods such as having a conversation to help shy couples and individuals ease out of their shell before the shoot or not forcing couples to do wacky things just to get the shots are ways he helps to create rapport with his couples. Beyond the video and footage, it is all about helping the couple feel at their best.


There are many things that various videographers focus on during a wedding or a pre-wedding shoot. This is often what makes each videographer (or video) distinct from another. Our Wedding Story focuses a lot on the expressions and interactions of the couple and their loved ones. It is all about capturing these intimate and cosy moments that can bring about the same feelings when you watch the video back again in the future.

They believe in documenting all of these little and special moments to get that personal, intimate touch just for the couple and for everyone to enjoy watching. While a wedding is only a once in a lifetime occasion, such moments caught on video are what makes it last. “The last thing I want is to make the video look like a wedding commercial,” Aloysius jokes. Beyond the usual main program of the wedding and beyond just getting the video out for the couple, this is key to Our Wedding Story’s work and is the essence of what they do.

The result of this is simple: no two wedding videos will be the same. Our Wedding Story firmly believes that not all weddings are, or need to be, romantic. The key is to find and create a tone that best suits the couple. For some, this tone may be a fun one. And for others, it may be more emotional. With everyone’s different hopes for a video, coupled with everyone’s different personalities, the team expects every video to be different. Their skills and creativity will then help couples create and adapt to what they want in a video.

When asked about a particularly memorable wedding moment that he captured or experienced, Aloysius’ answer was easy. He thought back to a tea ceremony at the Fullerton Hotel that he shot in 2018. “Tea ceremonies can be a little mechanical at times,” he shares, “but this couple and their family were so earnest in their blessings that the whole shoot was filled with hugs and tears of joy and happiness!”

It is these moments that Aloysius treasures the most from his job. And it is these moments that Our Wedding Story captures and lives for.

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Finding Your Story With Our Wedding Story