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November 2010

VOCÀRE – Call To Inspire

SingaporeBrides speaks to Jamie and Sam of Vocàre and delved deep into the realm of wedding videography and happily ever afters.

What would you say your niche is in the industry?

Because of our style and personality, we seemingly attract the type of couples who can laugh at themselves, doesn’t sweat the small stuff and appreciates a good story. If there is a movie category for our work, it would have to be a light-hearted romantic comedy.

Your videos seem to be very personalised and tailored to each individual couple. What are the steps you take from the first moment you meet a new client to get to know them better?

It’s not a step 1-2-3 kind of action plan but mostly through conversations, chatting with them, understanding them better and get a sense of what they are looking for. We don’t do templates so each wedding is crafted differently. It’s a team effort between the coordinator, the editor and myself.

Is there a particular stage of developing wedding videos that you particularly enjoy?

Yup! Definitely the story telling part of the wedding videos. I like to show the emotions and action all weaved together. This means knowing the story behind the couples’ lives. It’s more about capturing the real emotions and relationships presented in a modern, cinematographic style.

Is there a very memorable job you’d like to share?

I think every wedding is memorable in some way. I suppose for me, one of the most memorable wedding that I have shot was to film the mother of the bride, who was physically challenged. During the church service, she tried with all her strength to walk and bring the anointed oil to the altar for the priest to bless the couple. It was challenging for her physically but she wanted to do this alone. It was an emotional moment that touched everyone’s heart and tears flowed. I was trying to regain my composure fast enough to capture the emotional moment.

In your opinion, how important are wedding videos compared to still photography?

Both have its place in documenting a wedding. But I am biased. I think wedding videos can evoke more emotions from the audience simply because of so many factors- the editing, audio, composition, the movement of the shot and music.

I think in key moments, like a surprise song item by the groom a dance that took the couple 1 year of hard work to rehearse for their wedding dinner, is so much more powerful in video and even more if in a multi-camera set up which we have done before. It enhances that magical moment just that much more. Personally observed that more couples are willing to invest in videography, even to the extent of having a multi-camera setting, high definition or perhaps, 3D in future because they see the value of the art.

What happens if one out of the two in the couple is camera shy?

Most of our couples are camera shy, to be honest and I can understand that it’s quite daunting to be in the limelight for a day. I like to start the day simply with a smile and try to put my couples at ease. Apart from building a rapport with them on the day itself to make them comfortable, I usually let them be themselves so that they do not need to feel awkward in front of the camera.

We cannot create the romance and magic moment between the couple. What we want is to bring out the spark they have in themselves. Most of the time, we ask them to relax and be themselves. Just be yourself and have an awesome wedding celebration.

What is your most challenging videographing experience?

Most challenging experiences are those overseas shoot with same-day edit required. It’s out of the normal workflow we have and of course, especially challenging is when we have to deliver the same-day edit in the shortest time given. But we like the challenge of filming overseas and are driven by the fact that it’s another opportunity to showcase our work.

How do you intend to push boundaries and continue to be on the forefront of the wedding videography industry in the near future?

Attending international workshops are one of the ways to inspire our creative juices and push boundaries in our work. We want to make sure that we are producing a wedding film of international standards. We have recently attended a great workshop in Sydney lead by top international wedding film-makers like Mayad Studio, Jason Magbanua, Michael Wong, etc. Besides receiving the knowledge and skill they imparted, it’s really inspiring to share what we love about wedding filmmaking.

Vocàre is at Space 217, 217 Selegie Rd Singapore 188338. For enquiries, please call +65 90264235. For more information, log on to

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VOCÀRE – Call To Inspire