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September 2010

Sky Hu Culture – Finding The Balance

For Sky Hu, veteran photographer in both commercial and bridal scenes, wedding photography has been less about finding the perfect location or the right angles, and more about what the images eventually signify; each photo should evoke a different emotion for every individual who looks at it. The truth in that belief is the reason why Sky Hu Culture has grown its roots here since 2005. And stayed.

Having that prior experience in fashion photography may have lent the artistic value to the images that Sky creates, and yet he is acutely aware that wedding photos should be meaningful, valuable, and everlasting. He likens each photography session to the filming of a couple’s romantic love story, no matter that the lead actors are not professionals. He takes it upon himself to draw the emotions out of the couple by first developing the chemistry and friendship between himself and the lovebirds, and, according to him, the rest will come naturally.

With the advance in technology, it is easy to overlook what a skillful photographer can do for your photographs. No amount of special effects can mask the emotions and mutual chemistry you have with your partner for life, and these can only be seen through the experienced eye of a photographer. The crucial factor here is in finding the balance between an impassive camera and the sentiments of a couple in love. Sky believes taking a holiday helps.

“Being away from the stresses of the daily routine naturally relaxes a person, be it Bintan or Europe. It’s not the scenery that is the focus, it is the couple,” says Sky. The affable man has brought couples to locations as far as Greece, but it is obvious from the wedding photos that the rapport he had built with the couples is revealed through the trust they have put in him to bring out the best in them.

There’s no mistaking the passion and joy Sky takes in his profession. When asked if he’s ever had to shoot a difficult couple, Sky was very candid about his answer.

“I don’t think so. It is my job to make their experience as beautiful as the photographs, and when I see how pleasantly surprised and touched all the couples are by the results, I find the strength that pushes me.” Hearing the sincerity and confidence in that statement, we are inclined to believe him.

Sky Hu Culture is at 55 Tiong Bahru Road #03-57 Singapore 160055. For enquiries, please call 6524-4379. For more information, log on to

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Sky Hu Culture – Finding The Balance