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April 2020

Betsy and Gideon’s Intimate Wedding at Como Cuisine

Without them knowing as teenagers when they first met, fate had chosen both Betsy and Gideon to be together. The couple rekindled their love again after many years and celebrate their union with an intimate wedding at Como Cuisine and This Flower Haus.

Betsy, 39, and Gideon, 40, first met in the Youth Flying Club when they were only teenagers at 18 years of age. It wasn’t long before they slowly lost touch, but who would have known that after many years, fate would bring them together again. They fell in love once again after chancing upon each other at a rock-climbing session, and they celebrated their union amongst their family and loved ones.

Share with us your story. How did the two of you meet?

Both: We met 22 years ago during an interview to enrol into the Youth Flying Club. Thankfully, we both made it through and we continued to grow our friendship as course mates. As we both grew busy with our studies, we lost touch. It wasn’t until four years ago when we found each other again through sports climbing. We haven’t looked back since.

What drew you to each other?

Gideon: She is obviously gorgeous and beautiful, but more importantly, she has a big heart and a genuine kindness towards people. We both also share similar values, but are also different enough in our characters and personalities to complement each other.

Betsy: He is very charismatic especially when you see him in the great outdoors! He takes care of me like I am a little princess when we go on our treks and hikes. He may appear cold to many, but he is extremely warm-hearted and very responsible towards the people he cares for. While he is a man of few words, he definitely shows a lot through his actions and love to his loved ones.

I especially love how he always plays along to my silly actions and requests. This is his way of showing love to me, through his patience and unconditional care.

When did you know he or she was the one? Was there a specific moment when you knew?

Gideon: From the first time I saw her, I knew she was special. When we got together, I saw how she constantly brings out the best in me… and that’s when I realised that she was more than just a teenage crush I had during my Youth Flying Club days at 18 years old.

Betsy: When we first met, I had a teenage crush on him (it was mutual!) but we were quite different back then. Over the years, we gradually grew in a direction that brought us together, and when we finally got together, everything felt right.

What was the proposal like?

Betsy: He proposed during our snowboarding trip to Japan. I was freezing and nervous about alighting from the ski lift as it was a very steep step to get off from, and when I finally got off without falling, he suddenly got on his knees and started filming at the same time. I was so cold that I didn’t quire remember what I said. But of course, it was a yes!

What was the wedding planning journey like for you? Were there any challenging or favourite moments during this time?

Both: We took only about two months to prepare for the entire wedding as we were both quite busy with work during that period. I was unsure if we could get everything done in time but Claris from Como Cuisine was so helpful and encouraging. She reminded me of the things that needed to be done, and constantly checked in on me to make sure we met the various timelines.

The SingaporeBrides’ website had also helped us a lot. It is the destination website every bride should check out as it offers well-formatted content which gave us inspiration during the planning stage. The forum also allowed us to interact with other couples and tap off their wedding planning experiences.

Share with us more about your wedding day. What was the day like for you?

Both: We decided on Como Cuisine for our family luncheon and This Flower Haus for our dinner party with friends. Como Cuisine was an immediate choice – we loved the bright and cosy feel of the restaurant itself which was perfectly suited for our small and intimate gathering.

We could not be more thankful for the wonderful staff at Como Cuisine. They were incredibly helpful before, during, and even after our luncheon. Our families loved the food served at Como Cuisine and the service was excellent. With all the good help, we were even able to sit down and enjoy the meal ourselves too!

As we decided to have separate celebrations for family and friends, we chose This Flower Haus as our second venue for our friends. We were immediately drawn to the rustic space when we checked the space out. We had seen another couple hold their celebrations there and it was gorgeous.

The owner, Sarah, also owns Poppy Flower Studio. Hence, the entire venue was lavishly decorated with flowers. We entrusted her to do up all the decorations as it was clear that she has a very keen eye on floral aesthetics. Food was catered by Lavish and was beyond our expectations. The food was really good and were presented beautifully. Sarah and her staff were a great help before and during the event, and we had absolutely nothing to worry about! We could just enjoy our time with our friends and I could not be more thankful for all the help from these various people. They made my event day such a breeze!

Did you have a wedding theme? How did you decide on your theme?

Betsy: I wanted my wedding to have lots of flowers and greenery to highlight the main colours of white, gold, and green. I did my research on Pinterest and got my inspiration from there. Because of the limited time to prepare for the actual day, I had to work with whatever that was available. We did everything from looking for gowns, photographers, venue decoration, invitation designs, event planning, and wedding favours ourselves.

What was the most memorable moment during your wedding?

Gideon: I guess after all the stress from the wedding planning and coordination, we really made it a point to enjoy and savour the whole process – and I was glad we did! Seeing our family and friends share our happiness was really the highlight for us.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other couples who are also in the midst of planning their wedding?

Both: Be realistic in your planning and always do your budgeting! There will always be additional costs for the banquet so be prepared for that. We decided on a simpler event and managed to cut off some spending on some of the smaller elements that we didn’t feel were necessary.

However, at the end of it all, try to enjoy every bit of the process towards your actual day. Looking back, we actually quite enjoyed doing all the work!

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests – 75 guests
The Venue: Como Cuisine at Dempsey and This Flower Haus
The Wedding Day Photographer: Chris from Trouve
The Gown: Stylelease
The Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s own
The Suit: Tailored
The Groom’s Shoes: Earnest & Collective
The Engagement Ring: Lucy & Mui
The Wedding Bands: Lucy & Mui
The Make Up Artist: Bride’s own
The Caterer: Como Cuisine and Lavish
The Hairstylist: Adeline Ariel
The Nail Artist: Afterglow by Air
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Aik Soon

Credits: Images by Trouve

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Betsy and Gideon’s Intimate Wedding at Como Cuisine