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November 2015

Yuing Xian and Manville’s Intimate Solemnisation at Forlino

Yuing Xian and Manville pledged their love for one another in an intimate solemnisation ceremony at the luxurious Forlino.

Yuing Xian and Manville were secondary school sweethearts who lost touch after graduation and rekindled their relationship years later on. Six years later, they’ve decided to tie the knot in a beautiful solemnisation ceremony, surrounded by only their loved ones. Take a peek at their lovely day, wonderfully shot by Bobbykiran Photography!

Tan Yuing Xian, 27, Relationship Manager & Kang Duo Manville, 27, Pricing Analyst
7 June 2015

The Venue: Forlino
The Gown: Jessicacindy
The Suit: Suit Supply
The Florist: Bride’s own
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Delanie Wong
The Photographer: Bobbykiran Photography

What was the proposal like?

For me, the proposal was all about being at the right place at the right time. I thought Hunter Valley, Sydney, would be a great place to propose, but since it was our first time there, I kept my options open. It wasn’t until we went for wine tasting and came across a winery called Scarborough that I felt it was the right place and time. So, I went down on my knees in the middle of the grass field, surrounded by a beautiful sunset and a group of wild kangaroos hopping about.

What was your wedding planning like?

Yuing Xian took about a month to plan for our solemnisation, doing the decorations and putting together a flower bouquet for our day. We both wanted an intimate wedding with our family and close friends as witnesses to our union and Forlino was the perfect fit for the occasion and our needs.

We were looking forward to do some outdoor shots with Bobby but we couldn’t due to the heavy rain before our wedding commenced. Nevertheless, the day went smoothly and our guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Share with us a memorable or special moment during your solemnisation.

It would have to be when we were reciting our vows to each other. That moment was utterly surreal!

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Yuing Xian and Manville’s Intimate Solemnisation at Forlino