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March 2020

Zhi Ying and Jing Shun’s Classy Wedding at Atlas Bar

Zhi Ying and Jing Shun had dreamt of the perfect wedding venue right from the beginning, and celebrated their big day in classy grandeur with their loved ones at Atlas Bar.

Zhi Ying and Jing Shun’s love story began way back in school when they met at orientation camp for the first time. A conversation about DSLR cameras sparked their relationship off and their love grew. To celebrate their joyous union, they decided on a venue that could encompass everything they had always envisioned for a wedding – a two-storey venue with full-length windows that could give them a glimpse of the sky. They found the perfect place in Atlas Bar, and this is their story.

Tell us your love story. How did the both of you meet?

Zhi Ying: We met each other back then in university. It all began when I was encouraged to “take little steps and step out of my comfort zone” during a sermon I heard in church. I decided to apply to be an orientation group leader, and became Jing Shun’s senior during his orientation. While we met during orientation itself, it was during our post-orientation chalet that we properly spoke to each other.

I was the official group photographer for that particular event. Jing Shun came up to me and said, “My dad has the exact same DSLR model as you do.” And the rest was history.

What drew you to each other? What made you fall in love with your partner?

Jing Shun: What drew me to her was her inimitable thinking that set her apart from other girls. She knows what she wants, does things like a guy, follows her opinions, and sets her own standards instead of simply following others.

Zhi Ying: Could it be the many texts we’d exchanged? We’d exchanged millions. Or how he had signalled to me then that it was the time to “upgrade” our status as a couple?

At the beginning it was his love of big words that attracted me the most. But as time went on, I grew to love his intelligence, his wit, his undying loyalty to others around him, his filial piety, his commitment, his work ethics, and even his culinary inclinations! He also lets me make the choices I want and I love how we are when we are together. We have a happy companionship and a lot of chemistry together.

What was the wedding planning journey like? Were there any challenging or favourite moments during that planning period?

Jing Shun: We both knew the wedding venue that we wanted. It took us two months to locate the perfect wedding venue and two months to prepare the wedding. I can still remember we started the search on the week of Valentine’s Day!

Atlas Bar was actually our second choice. We knew we wanted a place in Singapore that had full windows and a second storey. A place that we could call home for that night as we stage the big celebration and feel close to the sky with our loved ones frolicking around the grounds freely without the typical limitations of a Singaporean Chinese wedding banquet.

Zhi Ying: Because we essentially only had two months to plan for the wedding, I had to shop online to get the things I wanted. Before this, I’d only purchased things by visiting the actual stores in central Singapore. I was so happy when I found all our online wedding vendors like Demebridal, Etsy, Singapore Wedding Favours, Kate Aspen, and even Taobao who all carried a whole range of various fashion jewellery, wedding favours and invitations, toys, wedding flowers, and other intricate and unique decorative pieces for our big day. There is indeed such a wealth and treasure of knowledge and products online that I quite literally became a shopping monster during those two months!

I am very grateful for my dear colleague who transported my hoard of Taobao wedding goods back from China – it was faster than the standard Taobao delivery time of two weeks!

My favourite part of the planning would be the wedding playlist. Each and every song was handpicked from our sea of memories yet epically suited to be grand enough to walk down the aisle to. Threading through our favourite songs was not easy as many of them are now obsolete or more alternative music that are hard to find on Spotify. Instead, I had to search for the right versions on YouTube to stitch up the perfect set list. Although there were only a few perfect songs that we added into our wedding playlist, I did not regret how we had chosen to do it. It was an enjoyable experience picking these songs out.

I also performed to Enya’s “Only Time” during the banquet without any prior practice. It was a momentous moment for me as it had always been a dream to walk down the aisle with this song since I was in school.

What was your wedding day like? How did you feel throughout the day?

Zhi Ying: I am so proud of and thankful for my family. My dad was the emcee for the wedding, my mum was the inspiration behind all the prayers during our relationship, and my brother was the usher and the deejay on that day. They all managed to pull through the entire programme without any wedding rehearsal. I was beaming from ear to ear not only for the photos and for all the guests around, but also because of my family who were the anchors of the entire day. They made everything possible at Atlas Bar that day.

Share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding.

Both: It would be everything! From the six glass tall champagne tower to the three-hour long medieval songs playlist composed by modern-day Japanese artists, from the videographers who were running around chasing after us for pictures to the mod-fusion menu, and even from the faux fur and to the bride barbie doll.

The venue was everything we wanted. It turned out to have no pillars or fake walls. It even had clerestories where our guests could admire the sky from and a spiral staircase gathering area that was perfect for selfies (or in our families’ case, wefies!). It was exactly what we had envisioned our wedding to look like!

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests – 90
The Cost of the Wedding: SGD$40K
The Venue: Atlas Bar, Parkview Square
The Wedding Day Photographer: Enoch Gallery
The Gown: Demebridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Emmy London
The Bride’s Perfume: Ma Griffe Carven
The Suit: Groom’s Own
The Groom’s Shoes: Hush Puppies
The Groom’s Pocket Square: Thomson London
The Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Groomsmens’ Lapel Pins: The Shirt Bar
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Enoch Gallery
The Nail Artist: Bride’s own, Taobao
The Videographer: Enoch Gallery
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: WeddingCards, Artline Decorite
The Wedding Favours: Eureka Popcorn
The Wedding Table Numbers: Kate Aspen
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Enoch Gallery

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Zhi Ying and Jing Shun’s Classy Wedding at Atlas Bar