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September 2019

A Once in a Lifetime Wedding Celebration at Yan

Situated in the iconic National Gallery of Singapore, weddings at Yan are always a joyous affair for the young and old.

Sitting high up on the fifth floor of the City Hall wing at the National Gallery of Singapore lies Yan, an elegant Chinese restaurant known for their delicious and authentic Cantonese fare, and dedication to bring people together through food and deliver a dining experience that is reminiscent of convivial gatherings and intimate dining, just like its Chinese name “宴”, which translates to “feast” in English.

There are many reasons why Yan is the perfect venue for couples searching for an unconventional venue to host their wedding but perhaps the one that matters most is the restaurant’s commitment to celebrate the tradition of a Chinese wedding. From its interior décor to the food it serves, Yan strives to incorporate elements of our Chinese culture to bless the weddings held in its spacious 2,700 square feet restaurant.

Main Dining HallPrivate Dining Room

Furnished with round booth seats that are placed in pairs, round dining tables and art installations of a flight of swallows, weddings at Yan are blessed with harmony, unity and matrimonial happiness. These happy blessings continue on in Yan’s wedding menu. With a focus on familiar traditional Cantonese recipes cooked long and slow to distill rich and deep flavours, the restaurant’s menu features key dishes such as the Yan Peking Roast Duck, Dried Fish Maw broth with Diced Scallops and Egg White, and the Braised 6 Head Abalone with Black Mushroom with Spinach to bestow blessings of fidelity, fertility and abundance onto the happy couple’s union.

Yan Peking DuckBraised 6 Head Whole Abalone with Black Mushroom and Vegetables

With such dedication to ensure that every wedding held at Yan is imbued with blessings for the couple’s marriage, you don’t have to worry about whether your guests, young or old, will enjoy or approve of your choice of venue. Plus, the restaurant’s location is impeccable. Situated in the former City Hall building, a national monument that has witnessed some of Singapore’s most important moments through its colonial history and journey to independence, in the heart of the city, weddings at Yan are guaranteed to hold a special place in the hearts of those present.

Weddings at Yan are also exceptionally customisable. With no fixed wedding themes imposed on their couples, the restaurant allows them to freely design their dream wedding or engage a stylist to execute their wedding vision. Alternatively, the restaurant’s wedding team is more than happy to help you realize your dream wedding to their best abilities.

Whether you are searching for a venue for an intimate solemnisation or to host your once-in-a-lifetime, Yan is able to host celebrations from 10 to 150 people in their main dining hall and three private rooms.

From October 2019 onwards, Yan is partnering with On Cheong Jewellery to give away a $388 jewellery voucher for couples who book their wedding at Yan. The vouchers are while stocks last, so contact them for more details and to book your wedding.

Yan is located at 1 St Andrew’s Road, National Gallery Singapore, #05-02, Singapore (178957).

Credits: All images courtesy of Yan.

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A Once in a Lifetime Wedding Celebration at Yan