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August 2017

Jillian and Jason’s Soulful Wedding Photography in Norway in the Dramatic Lofoten Islands

Jillian and Jason’s stunning wedding photography in Norway will leave you breathless. From wild, craggy peaks to isolated inlets, the dramatic scenery in the Lofoten Islands form spellbinding backdrops to their decade-long story of love.

Celebrating almost a decade together, Jillian Heng, 27, Doctor and Jason Teng, 27, Doctor tied the knot in a romantic rooftop ceremony in New York City, then travelled to the far-flung Lofoten Islands for their stunning wedding photography in Norway. Tall, craggy mountains, sheltered inlets, and pebble-covered beaches form dramatic scenery, especially under the special quality of the Arctic light.

Tell us a little bit about your story, such as how the two of you met.

Jason: We have been together for nine years, since our college days. We were college classmates and got along with each other since the day we met. Since then, we have been through university and our internship together.

What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Jill: we started off as friends and got along well. He was easy to communicate with and was always there for me. Regardless of how busy he gets, he will always find time to hang out with me just because he knows how important that is for me. I love how he takes care of me and makes me feel safe with him.

Jason: I love how caring and thoughtful she is. I know that she will always support me in what I choose to do and will be there for me during difficult times.

What was the proposal like?

Jillian: The proposal was in Iceland, on a beach with black sand and icebergs, which was aptly named Diamond Beach. He asked our guide to take our picture, and was down on one knee when I turned towards him.

What made you choose to have wedding photography in Norway?

Jillian: When we were discussing where we wanted to have our registration of marriage, Jason was more keen on having it in a big city whereas I preferred somewhere with natural surroundings. So we decided to have our ROM in NYC–a city we both absolutely adore– and then to do wedding photography in Norway, which has so much natural beauty.

Tell us about your New York City wedding.

Jillian: We had our ROM in NYC. It was an intimate ceremony with our immediate family members. It was on a rooftop with the NYC skyline as our backdrop and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What was your wedding photography in Norway like?

Jason: We had our shoot around the Lofoten Islands at Henningsvaer, Leknes, Eggum, and some other random locations. The shoot was really fun–Vegard was really friendly and down-to-earth so it felt like spending a day out with your friend. We spent most of the time during the shoot just chatting about random things with each other. We really just wanted to capture the moment–the two of us at this stage of our lives together. I am sure just looking at the photos will bring back a lot of fond memories.

The Bride’s Outfits: Emmanuel Haute Couture // Warehouse
The Groom’s Shoes: Bally
The Engagement Ring: Custom-ordered
The Shoot Locations: Lofoten Islands, Norway
The Photographer: Vegard Giskehaug
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Nikita Hair Salon
The Hair Accessories: Bride’s own

Credits: Images by Vegard Giskenhaug.

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Jillian and Jason’s Soulful Wedding Photography in Norway in the Dramatic Lofoten Islands