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July 2019

Elaine Rui Min and Gabriel’s Industrial Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

Elaine Rui Min (also known as Elaine Jasmine) and Gabriel captured their personalities in their pre-wedding shoot with both industrial architecture and natural scenery.

Elaine Rui Min, 26, Influencer, and Gabriel Na, 30, Architect, met in university in a month-long dating game! Gabriel surprised Elaine with a secret proposal in the woods, where she said yes witnessed by their family and friends. Their beautiful engagement session captured their relationship and love for striking architecture and the outdoors.

How did you meet?

Elaine: We first met in Kent Ridge Hall, National University of Singapore. I was a freshie and Gabriel was a senior. During the hall orientation camp, there was an ongoing dating game where every freshie had to pick a senior to “woo” for Date Night, which was set to take place a month after the camp.

Initially, I was quite hesitant to play the game as I felt it was very lame. However, the other orientation group leaders kept bugging me to just pick any random senior and play for fun since it was a good way to bond the freshies together as they worked together to do romantic stuff for their desired dates, such as cook breakfast for them or decorate their room doors. After much persuasion, I finally decided to join in the game and ended up picking Gabriel, whom I felt was pretty cool and chill back then. Haha!

Gabriel: I had already noticed Elaine when she first entered the camp and was secretly happy she picked me to be her date. Of course I agreed. Haha! So yes, that’s how we first made contact and started talking. We got together a year after that!

What’s the quality you love most about your partner?

Elaine: His sincerity. I’ve never met anyone more sincere, not only towards loving me, but towards the people he cares about as well. I also love his sense of humour. Even after seven years of being together, he still makes me laugh so hard!

Gabriel: I fell in love with her kind soul, especially her kindness to people that matter to her. She is also my pillar of strength who always supports me and believes in me.

What was the proposal like?

Elaine: It was beyond everything I ever dreamt of. He proposed to me in the woods, in front of my family and friends. It was a complete surprise as he had told me we were going to attend a friend’s wedding. Even as our car arrived and I saw the set up, I thought it was the set up of the couple that was about to get married. However, when I turned to check on Gabe and saw him in tears, that was when I knew.

Gabriel: Initially, I was planning to propose overseas. I had actually already pre-booked a surprise trip for the proposal. However, after much thought, I felt that a proposal in Singapore would be better so that her family and close friends could witness our special moment. I also wanted my family, particularly my grandmother, to be there when I finally popped the question to the girl of my dreams.

What did you hope to capture in your engagement session?

Elaine: Natalia from Frieda Brides was the key coordinator for the shoot. She approached me for my free spirited vibe, which was in line with Frieda Brides’ style. She felt that an engagement shoot with us would be very special and different as we’re quite a unique couple!

Gabriel: Melvin from Multifolds wanted the shoot to capture the essence of our relationship so we brainstormed a few locations that would best reflect the both of us. I’m an architect so I’m someone who is very interested in structure and buildings. That’s why Melvin proposed the Pasir Panjang Power Station which had a more industrial vibe to it. I was very impressed with the location when I first saw it.

Elaine: As for me, I’m someone who loves nature and hence, I wanted to shoot outdoors where there would be natural sunlight. Initially, we had decided on Canterbury Road where the sunset looked amazing in pictures Melvin showed us. However, it started raining that day. As such, we drove to our back up location which was Seletar North Link. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining in that part of Singapore and we managed to get some great shots thanks to the Multifolds team!

How did the shoot go?

Elaine: The shoot experience was great! To be honest, I was very worried we would be awkward at first as we are not used to doing couple shoots. Before this shoot, our couple photos are usually taken by passersby and it’s always the same pose of him putting his arm around my shoulders. Haha! However, it turned out fine as the Multifolds team was very professional and made us feel very comfortable.

During the shoot, we were asked to tell each other the reasons we loved each other. As Gabe was telling me why he loved me, he started tearing and it made my heart melt. It was a very special moment for the both of us and I will never forget it.

Gabriel: I was quite nervous at the start of the shoot as I’m not very comfortable in front of the lens. But the team was able to innovate fun ideas making the shoot much more enjoyable. The photos show our simple relationship and love. It captures our affection for each other.

When will the wedding be, and what are your plans for it?

The wedding will be held in October 2019. We plan to keep it simple with our closest friends and family. Can’t wait!

The Photographer: Multifolds Photography
The Bride’s Outfits: Made with Love Bridal at Frieda Brides
The Groom’s Outfits: Assemble SG
The Shoot Locations: Pasir Panjang Power Station, Seletar North Link
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: TangYong Make Up
The Florist: Ju Floristry

Credits: Images by Multifolds Photography

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Elaine Rui Min and Gabriel’s Industrial Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore