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June 2019

Customise Your Bridal Look with Makeup Works

Looking your best on your wedding day is more than just hiring a bridal makeup artist to doll you up. Let Sophia from Makeup Works tell you why.

Getting married is an important milestone for every bride so it is little wonder that she’ll want to look her absolute best for her big day. But looking like your best self is more than just engaging a makeup artist to recreate a look you found on Pinterest or their Instagram account. It is about finding the makeup artist who’ll create a look that will complement and enhance your features and every little aspect of your wedding for that happily-ever-after you’ve always wanted.

Photo by Daniel Beh PhotographyPhoto by Daniel Beh Photography

Meet Sophia, owner and lead makeup artist of Makeup Works. With 20 years of experience under her belt, her name has become synonymous with bridal makeup, but what truly keeps brides coming to her over decades is the exceptional service she provides. You see, Sophia is more than just a bridal makeup artist to her brides. To them, she is a wedding beauty advisor whom they can trust their appearance with. Before she creates a look for her brides, Sophia takes the time to understand their wedding vision – what their wedding theme will be and what they’ll be wearing on their big day.

“Every element of a wedding must work together,” she stresses, “So, it is best for brides to have picked out their wedding dress before they come down for a makeup trial. That way, I’ll be able to propose a makeup and hair style that complements her dress.”

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Although Sophia is known for her glamourous yet natural and timeless makeup looks, she is more than happy to create other makeup styles for her brides if it suits their wedding vision better. She is also generous when it comes to sharing beauty tips with her brides to help them achieve a clear complexion for a flawless application of makeup on their big day.

Sweet Anticipation: A Tender and Dreamy Styled Shoot by The Wedding Present by Wanderlust DreamsSweet Anticipation: A Tender and Dreamy Styled Shoot by The Wedding Present by Wanderlust Dreams

To avoid any unwanted blemishes on the face, she advises brides to stay away from doing any facial treatments before their wedding, even the ones that they’ve been doing regularly. “Wedding planning is a stressful time and you never know how your body will react even though you’ve been going for it regularly,” Sophia says. “So, to avoid any mishaps, it is best to avoid going for one before the wedding.”

Instead, Sophia suggests that brides focus on hydrating their skin leading up to their wedding. For clear skin, she recommends a simple four-step beauty routine consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and masking. “If you have time for only one step, always go for a hydrating mask,” she urges.

Photo by AndroidsinbootsPhoto by Josh Lee Photography

Giving brides a makeover and beauty advice is not the only service Sophia hopes to provide her brides. Instead of being just a bridal makeup artist to her brides, Sophia wants to create a one-stop beauty destination for them where they can enhance their beauty through beauty enhancements such as eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions and pick up tips on how to care for their skin or makeup. That’s why she is constantly challenging herself to pick up a new skill so she can upgrade her services and offer more to her brides. One new skill she picked up and perfected is eyebrow embroidery, resulting in her win of of third prize for 6D microblading eyebrow embroidery after competing with over 600 participants in the recent K Beauty Olympic Eyebrow Embroidery competition.

Photo courtesy of Makeup Works

“I’ve always felt that our eyebrows act as a frame for our face, so even if you don’t put on makeup, if your eyebrows are well groomed, you’ll look presentable,” Sophia explains. “So, if I feel that my bride will benefit from an eyebrow embroidery procedure, I will share my opinion with them and advise them to do it at least three months before their wedding if they decide to do it.”

Experienced, friendly and always looking out for her bride’s interest, it is no wonder Sophia is a popular choice among brides. If you are looking for a bridal makeup artist who offers a customised and one-stop beauty experience, then Sophia from Makeup Works is all you need for your big day.

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Customise Your Bridal Look with Makeup Works