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January 2018

Charis and Joshua’s Captivating Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Bloc Memoire Photography

Modest, honest and heartfelt, Charis and Joshua’s dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot simply beguiles all who lay eyes upon it.

Childhood sweethearts Charis Tan, 24, owner of Gifts of Grace Design, and Joshua Cheam, 28, Finance Manager, grew up together in church and formed a closer friendship over the years as they partnered together on events and projects. Charmed by Charis’s wit and compassionate side, Joshua asked her out for a date and love blossomed between the two, forever tying the lovebirds together. With no particular theme in mind or a need for extravagant setups, Charis and Joshua entrusted their pre-wedding photoshoot to Bloc Memoire Photography with a request to include their families. The result was a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot that focused on the love Charis and Joshua had for one another, and the love they and their families had for each other.

What attracted you to your partner and what do you love about each other?

Joshua: Her charm, wit, and beauty drew me to her when I started to know her better. What I love the most about Charis is how compassionate she is, always looking out and caring for everyone around her.

Charis: He is a principled and passionate man who loves his family. What I love the most about him is that he is very supportive and constantly encourages me to be better.

What was the proposal like?

Charis: We went out for a nice dinner and came back to a house entirely decorated with fairy lights that Joshua had hung up earlier on! He sat me down to watch a video that he has compiled of us and of his preparations for the proposal (getting his mom’s heirloom ring cleaned, buying fairy lights, etc.), after which he got down on his knees and proposed.

Share with us your pre-wedding photoshoot experience.

We didn’t have a particular theme in mind for our photoshoot because we trusted our photographers’ artistic direction. Instead, we requested for one of the shoot locations to include our two families, as family is very important to us. We also wanted to feature our wedding vendors, so Charis decided to wear her actual day gown from Caramel & Co. and carry a bouquet from our stylist, Fiona Treadwell.

We woke up very early to catch the sunrise, but it started pouring heavily and we relocated to a sheltered place that turned out to be a pleasant surprise and we really love the photos taken there! The funniest part of the day was in the evening. Despite attempts to catch a sunset shot, the gloomy weather persisted and we decided to give up and head back to the car. Just as we reached the car, our photographers excitedly exclaimed at the rays of sunlight that was starting to shine through the foliage, and our entire entourage immediately ran back to the same spot to catch it! Overall, we had a really fun experience thanks to our photographers for keeping us in laughter the entire day.

The Photographers: Wisanto and Guan Hui from Bloc Memoire Photography
The Wedding Gown: Caramel & Co. (Wedding Dress) and Aijek (Casual Dress)
The Wedding Shoes: Harriet Wilde
The Groom’s Suit: Men’s Tradition
The Engagement Ring: Heirloom ring passed down from Joshua’s mother
The Wedding Bands: Fairy’s Inc.
Hair and Makeup: Cleo Chang Makeup & Hair
The Florist: Fiona Treadwell
The Props: Gifts of Grace Design (Calligraphy Acrylic Board) / dddots (Refurbished Bible as Ring Pillow)

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Charis and Joshua’s Captivating Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Bloc Memoire Photography