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July 2017

Prithi and Pravin’s Beautiful Intimate Wedding at Lewin Terrace

Prithi and Pravin celebrated their love in a very intimate wedding at Lewin Terrace, with beautiful fusion food and a tea ceremony, which all of their close family and friends loved.

Prithibha, 27, Postgraduate Student, and Pravin Kumar, 27, Business Development Executive, first met when they were 15. Although it was love at first sight for Pravin, things didn’t work out until five years later, when Prithi had a dream about Pravin. To celebrate their union, this beautiful couple held an intimate wedding at Lewin Terrace on 22 April 2017, incorporating fusion elements for a touch of personality. Don’t miss their touching story about falling in love with each other’s true selves, and making each other better people!

How did the two of you meet?

Pravin: I fell in love at first sight at 15, when I saw Prithi standing outside her house. I got to know her through a mutual friend. I thought she was high maintenance, and my friend told me she was out of my league, but Prithi made the first move by asking my friend’s sister to invite me for her 16th birthday. That led to our first date. It did not work out between us then, but we kept in touch through social media. When I was 20, she called me out of the blue to say she had a dream about me, and I knew she had feelings for me! I still had feelings for her, so I asked her if she wanted to try going out again and see if it works out. I also promised her that I would be better than any other guy she had been with, and that she would not regret her decision with me. We got together at the age of 20.

What made you realise that you had found The One?

Pravin: When I had my 21st birthday, I knew she was the girl I wanted to marry because I saw all her elegance, beauty, and character, and what she stands for. I always loved the fact that she was a woman who stands up for what she feels is right, and never lets anyone come between her and her beliefs. Another quality I like is that she respects the man she is with, which is me, and I respect her the same way. We have much in common, we do quite a lot together, and we always tell ourselves to make our dreams reality.

Prithi: There are many things that drew me to my husband. His gorgeous charming smile has always been a killer, but when we first met, it was his humour and his kindness that attracted me. I like his ability to think and reach out to others in need, and the fact that he can understand me without me having to say much. His determination and perseverance despite life throwing challenges at him is the number one thing that attracted me to him. This made me want to become stronger and better as a woman myself. He makes me want to better myself and he gives me confidence. He has never stopped me from doing what I want to do and has always only motivated me. He’s seen all parts of me and the beauty is that I can be myself without having to put a mask on in front of him.

What was the proposal like?

Prithi: It was beautiful and memorable. One that would always be carved in my memory. It was at Fort Canning. My mum and sister were in cahoots with him. I was unaware and it took me totally by surprise. I love nature and he had decided to find an area with lush greenery to pop the question. I will never forget that. Furthermore, despite him having a hamstring injury at that point in time, he still got down on one knee to pop the question. I was more than touched, and more than that, I was too surprised!

Pravin: I knew she loved nature and when I was wondering where the best place to propose would be, the first place that came into my mind was Fort Canning. We had many dates there during our first year. I did not propose with a ring because it was too common. Instead, I proposed with a bracelet that was engraved, “Marry Me”.

Her mother and sister were always asking when we were getting married and I knew that the two of them had to be the first two people to hear the good news and be involved in my proposal. They played along with me really well, and after our lunch that afternoon at Lewin Terrace I proposed to Prithi.

What kind of wedding did you envision?

Pravin: We wanted it to be very elegant, and Prithi wanted to add in a fairytale touch. Our first plan was to search for the perfect fairytale ring, and we found Fairy’s Inc. where we had both our rings customised as we imagined them to be. We wanted our wedding to be in a fairy tale-elegant, minimalist style with a colonial vintage setting, and Lewin Terrace was the perfect place. We also made sure that we had the best food and beverages for our event. Amongst our most cherished and close ones, we got to say our handwritten vows to each other. It was beautiful.

Prithi: We decided we only wanted our close family and friends involved in our wedding at Lewin Terrace as it would be a more meaningful event. We also knew that our wedding concept was at a fusion restaurant, so we wanted to add a fusion element like a tea ceremony to respect the elders and each other’s families. Everyone was touched by this, and it was truly memorable.

What was your wedding day like?

Pravin: It was the most memorable day of my life. The day that we were waiting for was actually happening. It really seemed so surreal. I clearly remember seeing my wife walk down the aisle that day. She was the most beautiful woman that day.

Prithi: I recall how ecstatic I was to see Pravin waiting for me in his tuxedo with his dashing smile, and to marry the man of my dreams! What more could I ask for? It was memorable. Sincere feelings and genuine wishes could be felt from all our family and friends. Many words and speeches were given that day, but their presence and thoughts, and the smiles on their faces, were more than enough to show what they were thinking. What more could we have asked for than to celebrate our big day with our closest friends and family? My family, in-laws, and friends were very proud of what we had done and were very happy to be a part of our wedding. Our family and friends also gave wonderful speeches and well wishes to us that felt so sincere.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Prithi: To me, it would have to be hearing Pravin’s vows to me. It made my heart melt to see him waiting for me while I walked down in my gown, with that smile and face which I can see every day from now till forever. I had only been waiting for this day since forever and now that it was happening I was on cloud nine. The tea ceremony was another memorable event. It was beautiful to have the blessings offered from both sides of the family. However, the biggest surprise for that day was the surprise the family gave us. We were told there was going to be dinner at home that evening. When the time arrived, it was a full-on party with party poppers and streamers as the two of us came down the stairs. The house was decorated, there was cake, beautiful cheers, and the faces of family who could not come for the morning ceremony at Lewin Terrace. It was a beautiful surprise. The cake was amazing and had the words “Wedding Bliss Prithi and Pravin” on it.

Pravin: It was hearing Prithi’s vows to me. I loved it because it was so different. It was a poem; she was the first person to ever write and recite a poem about me. It was a pleasant surprise. Another surprise was the fact that Prithi’s family threw us a party with an amazing dinner catered from Samy’s Curry. I was also very happy that everyone was very proud of how we did our wedding. They said it was amazing and done really well, from food, beverages, to the location. Seeing the shocked faces of everyone when we told them that we did all the preparations by ourselves was the best feeling I ever felt. My parents also said that they had always wanted to be a part of a tea ceremony and that it was a very pleasant surprise.

The Size of the Wedding: 32 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: 10-11K
The Venue: Lewin Terrace
The Gown: WhiteLink Bridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Spend Less Shoes, Adelaide
The Suit: WhiteLink Bridal
The Wedding Bands: Fairy’s Inc
The Flower Girls’ Dresses: Etsy Hong Kong
The Makeup Artist: Bride herself
The Hairstylist: Emily from Whitelink Bridal
The Florist: Lewin Terrace
The Wedding Stylist: Chong Hwee
The Wedding Photographer: Kelly from WhiteLink
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Handmade cards with watercolour paint, each design different for each guest
The Solemniser: Mrs Chia Swee Tin

Credits: Photography by WhiteLink Bridal

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Prithi and Pravin’s Beautiful Intimate Wedding at Lewin Terrace