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June 2017

Kerri and Gabriel’s Romantic Solemnisation at Lewin Terrace

Kerri and Gabriel tied the knot in a beautiful solemnisation at Lewin Terrace.

Kerri Tan, 25, met her husband, Gabriel Soh, 30, at their previous jobs and hit it off immediately. After a lovely surprise proposal, the pair of lovebirds decided to seal their love in a simple yet beautifully romantic solemnisation at the elegant Lewin Terrace on 5 January 2017, surrounded by their loved ones.

Tell us about your beginning. How did you meet each other?

Kerri: Our beginning is a funny story. We met each other during our training at our previous jobs. Gabriel was the first person I saw once I entered the building and coincidentally, we sat next to each other inside. We hit it off from there as we found common topics and interests. Then, we hung out a couple of times, and the rest is history.

What was it that drew you to one another?

Gabriel: What initially attracted me to Kerri was her humour and her infectious laughter. Of course, her good looks didn’t hurt either! I love how she could brighten up any room with her enthusiasm and her bubbly personality. There really isn’t a single dull moment when she is around. As I got to know her better, I started to love her heart and her kindness to the people around her.

Kerri: There’s so much to say! I love many things about him but one important thing is that I love how comfortable I am around him and I can talk to him about anything and everything. Also, he puts me first above anything else and I know I can count on him regardless of anything.

How did Gabriel surprise you with the proposal?

Kerri: I was totally caught off-guard! What was supposed to be a simple dinner with my best friend turned out to be a surprise for me. Apparently, my best friend and Gabriel had been secretly preparing the proposal and I was totally clueless. The plan was for me to accompany my best friend to The Ritz Carlton, but when I opened the door, I saw Gabriel standing there with a huge bouquet of flowers! I was very, very surprised!

What was your solemnisation day like?

Kerri: I couldn’t sleep the night before as I was so excited yet anxious at the same time of how the whole solemnisation was going to be. I was so worried that it would rain or that the guests were going to be late, but we were very lucky that everything went well! I’ve never felt happier.

Gabriel: I went to Lewin Terrace about an hour earlier to make sure everything was in order and to ensure the seating arrangements were right and to place the place cards.

Kerri: I’ll always remember the moment we exchanged our rings and officially became husband and wife in front of all our loved ones.

If you could offer one tip to couples planning their solemnisation, what would it be?

One lesson that we learnt was that there will always be some differences in opinions and hiccups along the way, but it’s important to learn to compromise and respect each other’s opinions during such times.

The Venue: Lewin Terrace
The Size of Wedding: Approximately 40 Guests
The Photographer: Said and Meant
The Solemnisation Dress: Vain Glorious You
The Groom’s Suit: Dylan & Sons
The Groom’s Shoes: Church
The Engagement Ring: JannPaul
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: DIY by Kerri
The Solemniser: Teo Chong Tee
The Balloons: Give Fun

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Kerri and Gabriel’s Romantic Solemnisation at Lewin Terrace