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November 2011

The Things Worth Remembering

Wedding: a once in a lifetime experience you’ll definitely want to freeze-frame, especially if you’re clad in your dream gown and your man agreed to put on a suit. But stories of the wedding photographer from hell who takes unflattering photos, who turned up late or who were too bossy piles on the stress of finding the perfect photographer. In your bid to avoid hiring one for your wedding, you scour the island and trawl the internet for wedding photographers and soak up reviews after reviews of their work and service.

Here’s a piece of advice advice: stop and take a breather. Looking for your perfect photographer isn’t all that difficult. Yeow Ming, the photographer behind Blessed-i Photography has three golden rules for couples who are doing it for the first time. “First, you need to like the photographer’s style of shooting. Then you cross-check his cost against your budget and see if there is a fit. Lastly, you need to have a certain level of chemistry with your photographer.”

“Wedding photography is a whole day affair – it’ll be terrible to be stuck with someone you don’t really like and cannot connect with,” Yeow Ming elaborates. “So it is important for couples to engage a photographer whom they are comfortable and able to click with.”

Blessed-i Photography was born when a company restructuring presented Yeow Ming with the opportunity of pursuing his long-time passion in photography full-time. “I’m truly very lucky and blessed to have my family and friends’ support to pursue photography,” he acknowledges. Although it has only been a little over a year since he’s broken into the industry, things are looking up for this engineer-turned-wedding photographer.

The couples he’s worked with before have nothing but good things to rave about him and his photography. “I started off with free-lancing for close friends and relatives, and over the years they passed on recommendations to their friends and relatives. These recommendations continued to be passed on, and that’s how Blessed-i Photography is where it is now.”

His love for people photography led him down the path of being a wedding photographer. “The play of emotions across a person’s face fascinates me,” he explains. “I want to capture these emotions so people looking at my photos will be able to feel that emotion of that precise moment.” And what better place for people photography than at a wedding? “There’s so much to photograph that I wish I could be at different places at a time to capture all of those moments.”

With Yeow Ming’s passion and initiative in photography, couples don’t have to worry about missing out on any moments on their wedding day. You’ll be reminded of the moments that you were part of and witnessed, and you’ll see those you might have missed out while you were busy elsewhere.He will also be the least of your worries on your big day. “I want to be as unobtrusive and as undisruptive as possible to the couple. They already have plenty on their minds on that day; I don’t want to add on to the list.” So go ahead and treat him as invisible on the day – Yeow Ming won’t take offence; in fact, he recommends that couples do that. He takes the initiative to capture any and every moment he feels is worth remembering. “There is never a moment during the day that my camera is idle.”

Neither does Yeow Ming practice the habit of instructing his couples to stand in certain poses for his photos, so you don’t have to worry about your photos looking too posed. He takes on a naturalistic approach and prefers to take candid photos. Couples can rest assured that while the photos are taken naturally and candidly, they are done so at a flattering angle and artistic flair.

“The best part of my job? It has got to be the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and develop new friendships with them!” Yeow Ming gushes. “I get to do what I love to do, and receive appreciation for my work. I even expanded my social circle by gaining a few more friends in the process – who else can boast of such an experience?”

What’s more, with Blessed-i Photography, you don’t have to wait long to receive your photos. Yeow Ming goes straight to work so his couples will be able to receive their photos within two weeks. Easy-going, affable and relatable, it’s not difficult to see why his clientele is on the incline. And if you’re looking for a photographer who’s easy to connect with, look no further than Blessed-i Photography.

Contact Blessed-i Photography at [email protected] or 9178 0883 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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The Things Worth Remembering