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May 2017

Aly and Ivor’s Charmingly Intimate Pre-Wedding Session in Singapore

Aly and Ivor immortalised their unwavering love for one another in a lovingly intimate pre-wedding session with Skyy Woo Photography.

Aly He, 28, Financial Consultant, and Ivor Lau, 33, Project Manager first met through a mutual friend. Ivor’s sincerity, humour and fun personality soon drew Aly closer while he became smitten with her enthusiasm, optimism, liveliness and childlike innocence. Soon, the pair became an item and after a rather dramatic proposal, Aly and Ivor are happily engaged. To celebrate their love and engagement, they embarked on a beautifully simple and intimate pre-wedding photoshoot with photographer Skyy Woo.

Share with us the story behind the proposal.

Ivor: I had planned to propose to her during my birthday celebration but unfortunately, I was hospitalised due to cellulitis. Wanting to go ahead with my marriage proposal, I opted for an early discharge. I even had to sign a form to indemnify the hospital of any responsibilities should I develop any complications. She couldn’t understand why, despite feeling ill, I had insisted on continuing the celebration.

And when I proposed, pulling the ring out, Aly actually doubted the authenticity of it. I don’t blame her though, because the turn of events didn’t feel like a marriage proposal and the ring did not look like a typical engagement ring. She actually clarified with me several times if I was playing a joke on her!

Aly: The proposal came as a surprise to me as we seldom talked about it. Furthermore, he was hospitalised a few days prior to the proposal. So, I was totally caught off guard when he whipped out the ring and proposed. It wasn’t in the typical solitaire-shaped ring, so I was quite suspicious about it. I thought either the proposal or the ring was a prank, and the actual ring was hidden somewhere.

It was only after he clarified that I had once told him I wanted a unique engagement ring, so he bought me a ring that resembled my Chinese zodiac sign instead of the run-of-the-mill solitaire ring. Needless to say, I said “Yes!”.

Tell us more about your pre-wedding shoot. Where did you go and how did you go about preparing for it?

Aly: We had no particular theme in mind but wanted a good balance of indoor and outdoor shots. Skyy showed us her portfolio and we decided on the National Museum of Singapore, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Singapore, Hort Park and Tuas as the venues, based on our gut feelings. At first, we thought we may have to make some compromises as it was raining continuously for days before our shoot and decided we’d be grateful for whatever we managed to get out of that wet season (we had our photoshoot in the middle of July).

Thankfully, it did not rain for the entire time during our photoshoot and we managed to get most of our ideal shots! Accommodating, patient and incredibly creative, Skyy was really a joy to work with. She offered plenty of suggestions when we ran out of ideas, and guided us on how we should be posing and where our gazes should be, as we were none the wiser about photography and posing. Although the entire process was tiring, we had tons of fun!

Share with us any obstacles or funny moments you’ve encountered during the shoot.

Ivor: Aly started her makeup at 10 in the morning and by the time we arrived at Hort Park, it was three in the afternoon. The weather was warm and we were so exhausted that we had to constantly remind ourselves to smile at the camera. It was also a challenge to change gowns in public. Fortunately for us, Skyy was able to help Aly with it. I can’t imagine what we would have done if we had engaged a male photographer instead.

What was the most memorable moment of your pre-wedding shoot?

Ivor: We are not the kind who would display affection in public but we really got out of our comfort zones that day after being instructed to carry out a variety of affectionate poses. The photoshoot itself will always be memorable to us because we hardly take couple photos together, but the most memorable moment of the day was definitely the moment we held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes as I thought to myself, “What a wonderful world.”.

If you could share three pieces of advice on pre-wedding photoshoots with couples who will be embarking on theirs, what would it be?

Ivor: First, engage the best photography you can afford based on their portfolio. Once you’ve found them, they will be able to advice you on your pre-wedding photoshoot. Secondly, you can plan all you want, but don’t sweat the small details on the actual day. Be spontaneous if things don’t go according to plan and don’t be disappointed when it happens. Lastly, try to visit the venue you’ll be shooting at a few days before the actual day to prevent any unforeseen circumstances from happening.

The Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Singapore, Hort Park, Tuas
The Photographer: Skyy Woo Photography
The Wedding Gown: Blessed Brides
The Groom’s Suit: Benjamin Barker
The Groom’s Shoes: Rad Russel
The Engagement Ring: Bvlgari Serpenti
Hair and Makeup: Lynda Low
The Bridal Bouquet: One Olive

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Aly and Ivor’s Charmingly Intimate Pre-Wedding Session in Singapore