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December 2017

Fiona and Nicholas’s Dreamy and Magical Pre-Wedding Photo Session

Fiona and her love, Nicholas, celebrated their love and fun-loving personalities in a once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding photoshoot.

Fiona Dawn, 27, Account Manager, met her husband, Nicholas Huang, 32, Realtor, through a mutual friend and got to know each other over Facebook. While Fiona was charmed by Nicholas’s sincerity and loyalty, it was her groundedness that won his heart. To commemorate their love, the young couple embarked on a dreamy and magical pre-wedding photoshoot inspired by Fiona’s love of Disney and Cinderella.

What do you love most about each other?

Fiona: I appreciate the fact that he put in a lot of effort to really get to know me better as a person before he even asked me out at the beginning. During the first two weeks after we were introduced to each other, he actually set an alarm to wake up at four in the morning just to be able to talk to me! (I was in Greece during that time.) He’s also fiercely loyal and protective of the people he loves.

Nicholas: She’s very grounded and very different from all the other girls I’ve dated before because she doesn’t care for brands or material status. She’s the kind of girl I can bring to a hawker centre for a meal without worrying that I’ll screw up the date. Most importantly, she loved me when I had nothing, and believed in me.

What was the proposal like?

Nicholas: I disguised the proposal as a celebratory dinner for my work so that she wouldn’t suspect a thing, and prepared a video detailing our journey together to show her how much she means to me. It was actually quite nerve-wrecking because at the last minute, I realised the venue I originally had in mind was already fully booked! Thankfully, I managed to find another romantic restaurant along the Singapore River just in time, and the staff coordinated really well to ensure the proposal went off smoothly.

Fiona: We’ve been talking about engagement rings for some time so I knew it was coming, but didn’t expect it to be there and then! I told him not to spend money on a diamond ring and he ended up buying a heart-shaped ring from ORRO Jewellery behind my back. He did a really good job surprising me.

Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot. Was there a theme?

Fiona: Our shoot was split up into a few days due to schedule constraints so I was actually quite stressed out over all the logistics. The actual shoot passed by in a flash – honestly shooting in Singapore’s hot weather is no joke in a gown!

Nicholas: It was very surreal for me because it was the first time I saw her in a gown.

Fiona: I’m a huge fan of Disney and Cinderella, so that was our key inspiration for the shoot. We really wanted something dreamy and magical. In addition, we also took some casual shots because we believed the photos should also show us in our natural, goofy ways.

Share with us any memorable moments from the shoot.

Fiona: The hot weather made us perspire like crazy – that was the biggest challenge! I remember laughing a lot during the shots where our photographer asked him to carry me.

Nicholas: Mosquitoes kept getting caught in her gown, so I had to keep plucking them out for her!

What lessons did you learn from your pre-wedding shoot experience that you’d like to share with other couples?

Fiona: Prepare a bridal shoot emergency kit containing oil blotters, loose powder, hair spray, bobby pins, safety pins, tissue, a pair of earrings, necklace and insect repellent spray. Also, bring along a pair of slippers or flats to change into so you don’t have to walk everywhere in heels.

The Venue: Silso Beach, Sentosa, Seletar Reservoir, Victoria Concert Hall, Fort Canning Hill, I’m Here cafe
The Photographer: Cepheus Chan Photography and Anseye Photography (Styled Shoot)
The Gown: Taobao
The Suit: P.O.A., People of Asia
The Engagement Ring: ORRO Jewellery
The Makeup and Hair Artist: Joanna Tay, Team Bride SG

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Fiona and Nicholas’s Dreamy and Magical Pre-Wedding Photo Session