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February 2017

Michelle and Sean’s Romantic Floral Wedding at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

After nearly a decade of knowing each other, Michelle and Sean celebrate their union in a beautiful flowery wonderland at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

Michelle Ngiam, 29, Financial Consultant, and Sean Tan, 34, Management Consultant, were destined to be together. When the pair of lovebirds met at her elder sister’s wedding back in 2008 as the bride’s sister and the groom’s childhood friend, the time wasn’t ripe for anything other than a cursory ‘Hello’ or ‘See you’. But fate slowly but surely brought them together, and on 8 October 2016, Michelle and Sean became husband and wife. Here’s a peek at their romantic floral celebration at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

Tell us about the day you met.

Michelle: Sean happened to be my brother-in-law’s childhood friend and we first met at their wedding in 2008. We barely spoke to one another except for perhaps, a cursory ‘hello’! We were both in different phases of our lives back then too. Fast forward a few years to sometime around 2012 where we met again during a birthday celebration for my brother-in-law. Still, nothing happened because he was too shy to make the first move. Then we started bumping into each other a couple more times in the next year. That was when he added me on Facebook. It took him about a year to send me a message. The rest is history!

What was it that attracted you two to each other?

Sean: She’s smart and kind. I realised that we have a lot in common – our values, our goals, our hopes for the future.

Michelle: How mature and grounded he is. He is always open to new experiences and it makes life with him exciting because we push our limits and strive towards becoming better versions of ourselves, together.

What about each other do you like the most?

Sean: The way she cares for me. The way she can make a terrible day better just by being nice to me.

Michelle: His sensitivity, selflessness and his kind heart.

What was the proposal like?

Sean: I wanted it to be special, and when my sister asked us to go to LA for her wedding, it presented the perfect opportunity. I asked her if she would like to go on a road trip with me after the wedding, and secretly planned a route that passed through Napa Valley, where I popped the question as we were in a vineyard.

Michelle: It was so unexpected! But it was perfect. He knew exactly how I would have liked it. When he popped the question, my tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably and they didn’t stop for quite some time! Truly tears of love and joy.

Share with us your wedding planning journey. Did you have a theme for your wedding?

Sean: Planning was pretty straightforward, it was good that we had more or less the same ideas in our heads. Other than that, we let each other take the lead at different times, so that we both contributed equally.

Michelle: We didn’t have any specific theme in mind. However, I really love flowers and I have always envisioned having plum and purple hues for the wedding. Once we mentioned these to our wedding stylist, Jessica from Wedrock Weddings, she set on a mission to give us the perfect wedding styling with a floral theme. When we saw the end results, we were blown away!

Did you get butterflies in the stomach on your wedding day? Share with us what went on that day!

Sean: The actual wedding day went by without a hitch, mainly because we had a bunch of really great friends who helped wherever they could. Though there was a sense of nervousness because we didn’t know if there would be any problems, but luckily it all went according to plan.

Michelle: Without our bridal party and groomsmen, I think our wedding wouldn’t have been so smooth sailing. Our banquet manager, Karlson from Amara Sanctuary, really helped us keep us on schedule and made everything so perfect! Our photographer Annabel Law was a godsend as she was very helpful throughout the entire day. I was honestly nervous and feeling a little bit on tenterhooks before the solemnisation because I thought everything would be delayed. However, our solemnisation went according to plan. Other than that, I just felt so happy the entire day!

Your wedding looks like a blast! Your family and friends must have enjoyed the day as much as you did.

Michelle: Indeed! We received really nice feedback about the venue, food, after-party, gowns, décor, etc. I think what really stood out was our music playlist. Both of us love rock music, and wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. Our music playlist consisted of music from the ’50s all the way to today’s popular music, with much focus on the ’80s rock songs. It really made quite a few of our guests sing along as they were eating! Our second march-in was also something a little different from the usual – both of us dancing in with a short routine to an unconventional march-in song, Uprising by Muse.

Share with us one memorable memory from yourweddingday.

Michelle: There are so many good memories to keep for life! But if there’s one thing that really stood out, it was the moment when I was coming in on the buggy to the hotel’s glass pavilion for the solemnisation. When I heard the march-in song playing and the buggy started moving, I started to tear and couldn’t stop. Both of my parents walked me down the aisle to give me away. When my father handed me over to Sean, I looked into my new husband’s eyes and could see my ‘forever’.

Sean: Watching my bride arrive at the glass pavilion for the solemnisation while soft instrumental music plays in the background was the most memorable moment of that beautiful day.

The Venue: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
The Size of Wedding: 380 Guests
The Cost of Wedding: $95,000
The Photographer: Annabel Law Productions
The Videographer: Annabel Law Productions
The Wedding Gown: Thomson Wedding Collection
The Wedding Shoes: Badgley Mischka
The Groom’s Suit: Custom-tailored from Maharaja
The Groom’s Shoes: Alessandro
The Wedding Bands: Love & Co.
Hair and Makeup: Shermaine from Thomson Wedding Collection
The Wedding Florist: Sing See Soon
The Wedding Stylist: Wedrock Weddings
The Wedding Favours: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
The Wedding Cake: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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Michelle and Sean’s Romantic Floral Wedding at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa