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November 2016

THEIA Bridesmaids Dresses Debut with Fun Mix and Match Styles for 2017

Mix and match from the new THEIA bridesmaids dresses line, which is full of sparkly sequin styles and fun crop tops perfect for the modern maid in 2017.

Fans of THEIA’s modern style will be happy to hear that the design house has just launched a new line. The THEIA bridesmaids dresses line was created when brides all over Pinterest fell in love with the all-sequin gowns actress Julie Benz’s bridesmaids wore for her wedding. “We decided it was time to make these brides happy and the THEIA Bridesmaids collection was born,” shares designer Don O’Neill on the THEIA blog. For their debut bridesmaid collection of 12 pretty looks for Spring 2017, THEIA included their signature crunchy sequin styles, along with sensuous scooped backs, delicate straps, and sleek necklines.

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The debut Spring 2017 collection features elegant, classic silhouettes to flatter your bridesmaids, and each style comes in a range of romantic, modern hues. In addition to more classic bridesmaids dress silhouettes such as the A-line dress with a sweetheart bustier or a V-shaped neckline, the THEIA bridesmaids collection also features more fun styles such as a lace crop top over a strapless dress. Elegant, muted tones such as dusty blue, aubergine, and blush are offered alongside sparkling or matte sequin options, in rose gold, champagne, and silver.

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Fall 2017 launched more young and modern styles in glamorous jewel tones. “The collection has a really cool vibe; it is young, modern and fashion forward,” shares O’Neill on the THEIA blog. “There are many styles to choose from and you will find dresses which are flattering to all body types.” Strappy back details, flirty lace off-shoulder necklines, and fun crop tops and mix-and-match separates give the collection a fresh, youthful feel. Jumpsuits make an appearance too. The range of styles offers fashion-forward bridesmaids a variety of ways express their personal style, while coordinating their looks through colour. THEIA’s signature crunchy sequin styles look especially refreshing in separates, with a sliver of skin breaking up the full-on sparkle.

The THEIA bridesmaids dresses are a welcome entry into the bridesmaids fashion scene, with their refreshingly young and glamorous styles that modern maids can play with to create unique yet coordinated looks. Brides and bridesmaids rejoice!

THEIA is available in the States and online.

Credits: Images courtesy of THEIA.

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