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October 2016

Sareh Nouri Fall 2017 Unveils A Mix of Soft, Romantic Lace and Strong Architectural Shapes

Inspired by the City of Lights, the Sareh Nouri Fall 2017 collection presents a series of elegantly simple gowns laced with French chic.

For Fall 2017, designer Sareh Nouri was inspired by the most romantic city in the world—Paris. “The fabrics, laces and patterns that I selected and designed for this collection are reminiscent of this beautiful, modern and sophisticated culture,” shares Nouri.

Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5022 Vienna Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5123 Vienna Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-4930 Ruth Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-4989 Ruth Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-4998 Ruth Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-6073 Christine Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-6088 Christine

Elegant, statuesque silhouettes are softly textured with trailing floral laces that evoke Parisian gardens, and ball gowns are given a chic twist with impeccable structure and crisp lines. An ethereal, shimmering lace overlay on a princess-like ball gown evokes the City of Lights twinkling romantically at night.

Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5468 Nanette Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5403 Nanette Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5553 Alessandra Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5580 Alessandra Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5622 Charlotte Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5652 Charlotte Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5875 Nicole Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5909 Nicole Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5991 Olivia

Alongside her signature soft, graceful forms crafted from exquisite lace, Nouri also takes a bigger step towards bold, architectural shapes in this collection—using an exaggerated bow on a detachable train, or unconventional pleating on clean, structured silhouettes. A modern piece with an unusual, geometric neckline and an abstract floral overlay breaks away from traditionalist gowns, offering the contemporary bride something different.

Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-6004 Brooke Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5829 Hadley Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5853 Hadley Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5718 Naomi Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5769 Naomi Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5190 Madison Sareh-Nouri-Fall-2017-SYPhotography-5293 Madison

The Sareh Nouri Fall 2017 collection presents brides with the most variety of styles to date for the designer. Whether you’re a romantic traditionalist in love with Nouri’s ethereal lace gowns, or a modern minimalist fan of her elegant, clean-lined, structured pieces, you’ll find more to choose from than ever.

Sareh Nouri is available at Truly Enamoured in Singapore, and internationally.

Credits: Images by SYP Photography, courtesy of Sareh Nouri.

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Sareh Nouri Fall 2017 Unveils A Mix of Soft, Romantic Lace and Strong Architectural Shapes