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October 2016

Amanda Lee Weddings’ Resort 2017 Collection Is As Vibrant and Carefree As A Butterfly

Amanda Lee Weddings Resort 2017 Collection is a joyful and vibrant expression of nature’s beauty. Inspired by butterflies dancing in a field of flowers, the colourful wedding dresses invite carefree brides to let their sense of style take flight.

The Amanda Lee Weddings Resort 2017 Collection is a vibrant one indeed. Entitled “Butterfly Whisperer,” the exuberant collection invites the bold among you to spread your wings and take flight with its whimsical, colourful dresses. “We were inspired by the image of a field full of blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies!” reveals Amanda. Full of fluttering appliqué and iridescent colour, the collection beautifully captures the joy of spring-time field alive with brightly coloured blooms and dancing butterflies.

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“This collection is very colourful, meant for the fun-loving bride who loves colours and whimsy,” Amanda tells us. Crafted in rich, iridescent fabrics to emulate the bright sheen of a butterfly’s wing, the collection uses duchess satin in vivid greens, reds, cobalts, fuchsia, and mints. The designer also introduced deep black, on which multi-coloured details come alive. Besides duchess satin, the collection features fine textures such as tulle, taffeta and French Chantilly and guipure laces to emulate the delicacy of a butterfly’s wing.

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Silhouettes are fresh and youthful, with plenty of separates for modern brides to play with. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, bridal looks transform with detachable sculpted tiered trains that instantly change the look of a mermaid gown, or with illusion lace tops that can be paired with ethereal tulle ball gown skirts or short and flirty satin numbers. “Floral guipure laces were individually cut out and layered together with embroidery techniques to create a field of dancing flowers,” Amanda describes the creation of her brightly-coloured illusion lace tops that are as versatile as they are beautiful. “Bias taffeta strips were delicately applied over laces to simulate the patterns of a butterfly wing, and leaf patterns from a printed silk were cut out and appliquéd onto a black Chantilly lace bodice. A sheer mandarin-collared top was a modern nod to the oriental classic “The Butterfly Lovers”.”

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White gowns receive a dash of whimsy as well, whether with a fluttering train, or with a bloom of colour. “Different laces were mixed together to create textures, such as the mint-coloured guipure laces forming a cascade of blooms on the white Chantilly lace gown,” Amanda shares, offering brides a chance to wear a hint of colour on the more traditional white wedding gown. Emulating the dancing flight of a butterfly, a beautiful red gown features a fluttering wing of tulle and illusion lace over one shoulder, creating the picture of grace.

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Bright and beautiful, the Amanda Lee Weddings Resort 2017 collection is a liberating invitation to carefree brides, to shake free of limitations and unfurl their wings in confident flight.

Amanda Lee Weddings is located at 46 Niven Road, Singapore 228394 (by appointment only). Contact them at +65 6333 6678 or [email protected] .

Images courtesy of Amanda Lee Weddings, feature image cropped from original. Photography by Daniel Beh Photography. Hair and make up by Art direction by Amanda Lee.

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Amanda Lee Weddings’ Resort 2017 Collection Is As Vibrant and Carefree As A Butterfly