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September 2016

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands

Choosing your wedding bands is a big decision. It’s the single, most important wedding purchase you’ll make, that will stay with you for the rest of your marriage.

The most important wedding purchase you’ll make isn’t the big bridal package, or even the expensive dinner banquet. It’s your wedding bands. You’re wearing these symbols of your commitment for a lifetime, so choosing your wedding bands warrants a careful amount of consideration. Before you head out to the jewellery stores to choose your wedding bands together, here are 10 considerations to help you buy rings you’ll love wearing all day, every day, for the rest of your lives.

1.What’s it made of?

One of the first things to consider is the metal of your wedding bands. Gold is a classic choice, and is now available in various tones like yellow, white, rose, and even black. Many contemporary designs combine different gold colours too. Opt for 18k gold or 14k gold, as 22k (or 916) gold is too soft to stand up to everyday wear. Platinum is another popular choice. While still not scratch-proof, the lustrous white metal is more resistant to wear than gold is.

choosing your wedding bands 2Germaine and Michell’s Glamorous Wedding at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore by Antelope Studios

2.Get a good fit

How your wedding band feels on your hand is determined by its profile, the cross section of the ring. Standard fit rings are flat on the inside, while comfort fit rings feature a curve on the inside of your ring, which is more comfortable for prolonged wearing.

The design of your ring will affect its feel too. Bold, chunky rings look very contemporary, but if you love such styles, think about how the bands feel on your fingers, not just your ring finger, but your pinkie and middle finger too. Check that diamond-studded wedding bands don’t poke your fingers with sharp claw settings. For long-wearing comfort, look for rings that are smoothly finished, with softly rounded edges, even on fancy designs. When you’re shopping, don’t just try on the rings and admire them on your outstretched hand, but do a comfort test by clenching your fist, holding hands, or using your phone.

3.Think about your lifestyle

Your wedding bands are meant to be worn all the time, so don’t go for the really pretty ring that you know you’ll just end up taking off every time you do the dishes. Look for rings that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyles. If you’re very into sports, or play an instrument, choose a smooth, rounded-edged ring that won’t cut into your fingers, and avoid gemstones which can come loose from their settings with heavy impact.

4.Plain, or with gemstones?

Diamond-studded wedding bands can be stunning, and classic designs like the eternity band have stood the test of time. Many wedding band designs offer matching sets with the bride’s ring accented in diamonds, although grooms need not shy of gemstones. A subtle sparkle in a chunky or flat-profile ring looks very masculine.

choosing your wedding bands 1Genive and Allen’s Handmade Wedding at Da Paolo Bistro and Bar in Rochester by Bittersweet Photography

5.Matching bands

Choosing your wedding bands from a set makes shopping easier, but if none of those speak to you, there’s no reason why you can’t buy your rings separately. However, your wedding bands should still have an element of similarity, such as both being white gold, or having the same engraving, to mark them as a pair. They are a symbol of your commitment to each other, after all.

6.Wearing your wedding band with your engagement ring

If you plan on wearing your wedding band together with your engagement ring, think about how they will look together, as well as how they touch. Simpler bands will look better with a more intricate engagement ring, while a classic diamond pave band will add sparkle to a solitaire. Look for bands in the same metal and a similar width to your engagement ring so that your band doesn’t overpower it, or think about customising your engagement ring and your wedding band together so that they interlock and complement each other.

7.Size matters

Finding the correct size for your wedding bands can be tricky, as our fingers swell and shrink through different temperatures, pregnancy, weight gain, and water retention. Don’t get a ring that fits too snugly when you’re in an air-conditioned jewellery store, as your fingers will swell once you step out into Singapore’s humidity. Speak to a professional jeweller for help sizing your ring finger, and ask whether your chosen design can be resized if needed down the road.

choosing your wedding bands 3Chloe and Alex’s Beautiful Blush Wedding at Open Farm Community by 12loves

8.Start shopping early

Trying on rings together is the fun part! Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, give yourselves two to three months to try on different styles, research prices, and revisit shortlisted wedding bands. If you’re custom-making your bands, factor in more time.

9.Long-term style

Are you sure you’ll still love that custom-made Game of Thrones inspired ring ten years down the road, when the show is long over? (That elusive last book might still be forthcoming, though.) When you’re choosing your wedding bands, don’t just think about your current style, but imagine yourself wearing them through the years of marriage ahead, at big work meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and social functions.

10.Message of love

Carving a special inscription into your wedding bands is one of the best ways to personalise your symbols of love. Engrave your wedding date, initials, or a short favourite phrase; whichever is meaningful to the both of you. While some jewellers offer engraving free of charge, some charge by the character. Modern technology now offers you the chance to handwrite your message of love too, and engrave it on the outside of the wedding bands as well as inside.

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands