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August 2022

10 Beautiful Ways to Customise Your Wedding Bands

You’ll be wearing them every day of the rest of your life, so why not design your very own wedding bands to perfectly capture you?

Your wedding bands will be one of the most important purchases you make together as a couple. Signifying your love and commitment, your rings are the one piece of jewellery that you will both wear every day. While you can certainly select a beautiful pair of rings off the shelf, designing your own wedding bands can be a very meaningful and fun experience to share.

Your wedding rings can perfectly represent you and your unique story with personalisation and customisation. From selecting the cut of your diamonds or gemstones, to designing a setting, to choosing an unconventional metal for your rings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your own bespoke wedding bands.

Helmed by founder Amanda Koo, a GIA-certified gemologist, eClarity Diamonds is an award-winning jeweller that specialises in the celebration of love through jewellery. The creative jewellers at eClarity have years of experience in customising engagement rings and wedding bands, and can bring your dream rings to life. After getting to know your personalities, story, and budget, an eClarity consultant can help you design a pair of wedding rings that capture you, crafted to wear and last for a lifetime.

Gather inspiration for your one-of-a-kind rings and bring visual cues to show your consultant exactly what you like about the band of one ring, or the setting of another ring. With over 500 styles of wedding bands in their gallery, eClarity is also a great place to try on styles before you finalise your unique design. For more inspiration, here are ten ways you can customise your wedding bands.

1. Kissing Wedding Bands

Kissing wedding bands represent intimacy. The pair of rings are carefully crafted to create a connection either structurally or magnetically. When placed against each other, the rings interlock in a “kiss” that represents your bond with each other.

2. Diamond Edges

Instead of wedding rings set with diamonds on the outside of the band, encrusting the edges of your bands can give your customised wedding bands a unique, understated sparkle. Thicker bands are crafted and diamonds line one-half of their edges to catch the light at only certain angles. To inject even more personality, the bands can be customised in different coloured gold.

3. Double Happiness

These double happiness wedding bands signify the joy that a couple has found in each other. When placed side by side, the rings match up to form the Chinese character for “shuang xi”, double happiness.

4. Woven Wedding Bands

Symbolise your lives being woven together to form a strong cord with braided or woven wedding bands. These customised wedding bands can be finished in different techniques to complete your bespoke design.

5. Customised Metals

Image by eClarity

Your wedding bands can reflect your style and personality through colour as well as design. At eClarity, the jewellers offer a variety of metals in which you can customise your wedding rings. Choose from unique gold colours such as 18k black gold, pink gold and purple gold in addition to the more popular metals platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

6. Textured Wedding Bands

The finishing of your wedding bands can be customised as well. Whether you’re after a classic shine, or want a unique look such as brushed or hammered metal, the master craftsmen at eClarity Diamonds can create your dream wedding rings. Their one-of-a-kind hammered antique matte finishing which is almost fully handcrafted, so you can be sure your rings are unique and made only for you.

7. Eternity Wedding Bands

Romantic Opulence on The Bay Wedding Styled Shoot at Monti at 1-Pavilion by The Beautiful Moment Photography // cropped

Eternity rings are a classic ring setting with diamonds set all around the ring, to symbolise love that lasts for an eternity. Eternity wedding bands can be customised and made your own by selecting the style of mounting, such as channel setting, multiple row pave setting, and more. The diamonds themselves are not limited to the traditional round brilliant cut. Square princess cuts can create a sleeker and more modern look, while baguette diamonds offer a vintage aesthetic.

8. Revolving Rings

Image by eClarity Diamonds

Revolving wedding bands, or spinning rings, have a centre ring that spins on the outer band. It’s an understated way to put a unique touch on your wedding band, and spinning your ring could become a way to calm and centre yourself whenever you need to find your inner peace.

9. Puzzle Rings

Image by eClarity Diamonds

When you find the person who completes your life like the last piece of a puzzle, you might want to signify that in unique puzzle wedding rings. Puzzle rings are crafted out of two or three detachable bands that interlock to form a single wedding ring, as a symbol of the couple’s complementing personalities. They can also be worn as individual pieces of jewellery, making the wedding bands versatile accessories.

`10. Infinity Rings

Image by eClarity Diamonds

Infinity rings can be folded into a pendant in the shape of the infinity symbol, representing everlasting love as well as giving the wearer another style choice for different occasions.

eClarity Diamonds is an award-winning brand specialising in bespoke jewellery, and has a database of more than 20,000 natural and lab-grown diamonds. Their gemologist conducts couple jewellery workshops on diamond grading, wedding bands customisation, and DIY engraving, on weekdays at $88 per couple. Limited slots available. Sign up by dropping them a message on WhatsApp at +65 9833 1220 or email them at [email protected].

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10 Beautiful Ways to Customise Your Wedding Bands