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June 2016

Oro Amare–The New 916 Gold Collection by Soo Kee Jewellery

Soo Kee Jewellery unveils their new 916 gold collection, Oro Amare, that is inspired by the beauty of Italian cities and their heritage of fine craftsmanship.

Traditionally, gold jewellery is gifted to a bride on her wedding day, as a blessing from her parents-in-law, or as a loving dowry from her own parents. The most precious metal on earth, gold is prized for its luxurious shine as well as its enduring value. Being less malleable and therefore suitable for daily wear, 916 gold is the gold of choice when it comes to buying gold jewellery. Because 916 gold holds and even increases in value, many Asian parents view 916 gold as a worthwhile investment for their wedding gifts.

Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 14The Oro Amare 916 gold collection is sophisticated and elegant, inspired by Milan’s fashion consciousness and Rome’s timeless charm.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 7The Waves collection features sleek two-toned gold links joined with textured chains for a stylish, contemporary look that complements the modern bride’s everyday style.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collectionBold, sleek gold chains, styled after the classical shape of Rome’s historical amphitheatre, are effortlessly linked to form statement jewellery pieces in Oro Amare Omega.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 2Oro Amare Omega earrings would add glamour to a contemporary evening ensemble.

In celebration of the beautiful tradition of si dian jin, Soo Kee Jewellery releases a new 916 gold collection that is crafted from timeless 916 gold to keep with tradition, yet is designed to delight the fashion sensibilities of the modern bride. In a variety of contemporary designs, the pieces can be mixed and matched so that each bride can create a si dian jin set that reflects her unique style.

Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 10Oro Amare is also an ode to the timeless beauty of nature, with the Luca Del Sole collection, where two-toned gold orbs reflect the light with texture and depth.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 9Meaning “sunlight,” the Luca Del Sole collection features gold orbs that shine with a warm and beautiful glow.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 11Delicate texture is created with masterful techniques in Luca Del Sole.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 13Vibrant crosshatches or “mezzotint” add a contemporary touch to gold orbs in Oro Amare Mezzotint.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 12Creating contrast with the mezzotint, the gold in this collection has been sandblasted for a matte texture.

Soo Kee Jewellery pays homage to the rich heritage and beauty of Italy’s historical cities that inspired its newest line of fine jewellery. Named Oro Amare, the new collection means “gold” and “love” in Italian, to signify the lasting quality and enduring value of the 916 gold used in the collection, and the timeless love that inspires the most precious of gifts. Masterfully crafted from 916 gold by the finest artisans, Oro Amare features modern designs and techniques such as sandblasting to create a matte effect, delicate carving and etching, and luxuriously fine links. White gold plating adds a contemporary colour contrast without diminishing value, while crosshatching and engraving techniques create sparkling texture that brilliantly catches the light.

Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 6Intricately crafted in unfurling petals like the asters in Florence, the Aster series whispers to a bride in the bloom of love.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 4Exquisitely detailed in graceful shapes, the Aster collection is light and whimsical.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 3Oro Amare Juliet hangs the stars on modern links and chains that delicately catch the light.Soo kee jewellery Oro Amare gold collection 5Intricately crafted stars glitter across the heart, reminding a bride to dream of love.

With their contemporary designs yet timeless worth, Oro Amare’s 916 gold pieces are beautiful wedding gifts that a bride could wear again and again, each time remembering the joy of her wedding day.

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Oro Amare–The New 916 Gold Collection by Soo Kee Jewellery