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April 2016

Designer Feature: Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal

The Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal Collection for Spring Summer is another bold aesthetic statement by the Israeli designer.

Full of elaborately woven lace and sexy, feminine curves, the Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal collection hits the senses with its richness of detail. Unapologetically sensual, Yaki Ravid features the body-skimming mermaid cut prominently in his latest collection, creating sleek silhouettes that embrace femininity. Plunge necklines, geometric cuts, and high slits elongate the figure and add glamour to the sexy gowns.

Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 1Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 17Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 16Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 15Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 13Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 12Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  10Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  11

Soft, billowing a-line skirts, high necks, and lace sleeves add a fresh, modern touch, giving the gowns a hint of whimsical girlishness in a very sensual and glamorous collection. The silhouettes are kept clean, with long, elegant lines and graceful folds, a perfect canvas for Yaki Ravid to play with textures and detail.

The Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal collection is characterised, like its predecessors before it, with intricate textures and gorgeously patterned lace and beading. Using unconventional lace choices, the designer mixes cross-hatched lace, large geometric patterns, and ornate, baroque lace to create textures that evoke ornate architecture. No traditional floral lace is used here; Yaki Ravid bucks bridal trends with bold macramé patterns and gothic-looking lace appliqué.

Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  9Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  7Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  8Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  20Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 3Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  23Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 21Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 19Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 18Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 28

Ethereal tulle is also used to create grandly tiered fishtail skirts and illusion necklines that are finely pleated for a modern, peekaboo effect, and embellished with beautiful lace appliqué. The backs of the gowns are stunning too, daringly bare, framed with scalloped lace, and accentuated with lines of crystal beading.

Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 27Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 26Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 14Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 25Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal  24Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal 5Yaki Ravid 53

Impeccable placement and an artist’s eye sculpt and layer the fabrics into sexy, beautiful gowns worthy of a haute couture bride, and luxe floral appliqué and beading add grandeur to mark her cherished, special day.

Yaki Ravid is stocked all over Australia and the United States, and will be arriving in the United Kingdom later this year. The label ships internationally. Email [email protected] for more details.

Credits: Images courtesy of Yaki Ravid

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Designer Feature: Yaki Ravid 2016 Bridal