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December 2015

Vanessa Williams’ 24k Gold-Plated Lasercut Wedding Invitations

Get exclusive insight into a celebrity wedding as Adorn Wedding Invitations shares the details behind Vanessa Williams’ extravagantly gold-plated lasercut wedding invitations!

American singer and actress Vanessa Williams announced her wedding to Jim Skrip through extravagantly detailed gold-plated invitations that spoke of the enormity of their love and commitment. The creative design team behind each delicate element of these stunning wedding invites was Adorn Wedding Invitations.

The team fell in love with Vanessa and Jim’s story, and resolved to create invitations that would rouse the senses of their nearest and dearest by giving them something rare and beautiful in the mail, something that would stir their hearts with the emotion of this grand occasion.

Exclusive insight into the creation of Vanessa Williams’ gold lasercut wedding invitations, by Adorn Invitations.Gold Lasercut wedding invitations 14Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 7Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 8Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 5

With Vanessa’s beautiful wedding dress, a gold theme, and a moodboard for reference, the designers began sketching their ideas. They found unexpected inspiration in the rich colours and intricate hieroglyphs of the ancient Pharoahs of Egypt. To accent the luxurious gold theme, Vanessa chose Pantone’s colour of the year, marsala. Its deep and emotionally rich colour brought out the passion and romance of the occasion.

The handsketched designs were transferred to screen to digitally create a stunning, intricate laser pocket design that referenced the gold detailing on Vanessa’s wedding gown. With 586 tiny shapes to be precision laser cut, the design was complex, to say the least, but was successfully and stunningly executed to create gorgeous lasercut wedding invitations.

Gold Lasercut Wedding InvitationsGold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 4Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 3

The invitations were printed on rich masala paper, and gold foiling was used for the lettering and detailing to achieve a sense of luxury. Each invitation was sheathed in a custom gold-lined envelope that was emblazoned with a wax seal. To add a beautifully personalised touch, the design team fashioned a wedding logo with Vanessa and Jim’s initials, and used it in all the associated wedding stationery.

Gold-Plated Lasercut Wedding Invitations 13Gold-Plated Lasercut Wedding Invitations 12Gold Lasercut Wedding InvitationsGold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 11

In stunning lasercut gold set off by the passionate hues of marsala, the invitations were a sight to behold. For their finishing touch, the creative team designed a beautiful symbol to represent Vanessa and Jim’s journey of love. A symbol of fortune and purity of spirit, the lotus flower was chosen to mark the blooming of the couple’s love. Luxuriously plated in 14 carats of gold to signify the grandeur of their romance, a beautiful lotus flower was hand applied to each invitation on a gate that was also an enclosure device.

The final wedding invitation suite is a stunning work of craftsmanship that is truly inspiring. The bride expressly wrote in her thanks for Adorn Wedding Invitation’s “extraordinary work in creating such a beautiful piece of art,” and her delight at how much her guests loved their invitations.

Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 2Gold Lasercut Wedding Invitations 9

Adorn Wedding Invitations is located at 483 Green Lanes, London, N134BS, UK. Visit their website at

Credits: Images courtesy of Adorn Wedding Invitations.

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Vanessa Williams’ 24k Gold-Plated Lasercut Wedding Invitations