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October 2011

Be Resplendent in a Gold Wedding

What can be a more elegant and auspicious wedding than a gold one?

For a while, this colour went out of style as it seemed to be a colour most loved by those of an older generation. With the changing of times, young and modern women have come to appreciate the beauty and splendour of gold. Most people think of gold as a colour accent, used to enhance or highlight a main colour. However, there are many hues that complement gold really well.

1. Black is often used with gold to put across a really chic and stylish wedding, while white with gold is a favourite winter theme. For a fairy tale theme, blush can be used liberally with gold for an unforgettable wedding. Some brides may find gold and red a gaudy affair, but using deep reds to bring out the richness of the colour gold is not only auspicious, it can be done in a tasteful manner as well. Purple and chocolate are very rich autumn colors that go very nicely with gold. Think royalty and you’ll get the picture.

2. This gorgeous strapless gown by Spanish designer Elio Berhanyer is sweet, sexy, and stylish at the same time. The intricate lace overlay looks so light over the sateen underneath, and the wide sash at the waist adds a modern touch to the classic cut.

3. If you only want gold in one place, have it in your flowers. Whether it is for the table arrangements, the banquet hall decor and in your bridal bouquet, champagne roses will never go wrong. In tight little bunches, tiny champagne rosebuds are sweet and dainty. But go all out with a clever mix of champagne, white and pink roses, and you’ll get a hand bouquet that can match any wedding gown, ivory or coloured.

4. Different women have different opinions about whether bridesmaids should wear white (Catherine Middleton and Kim Kardashian were okay with it). It’s your wedding, so it’s your call. But I do think this Diane Von Furstenberg Juliette belted maxi dress is perfect as a white bridesmaid’s dress because of its simplicity and its ability to carry off any wedding colour theme. The gold satin belt is very classy and even adds a Grecian theme to your wedding. Beautiful if your gown is a white or gold one cut in a toga or one-shoulder style.

5. Many couples end their dinner banquets with the start of another party until wee hours in the morning. Instead of a long gown that can encumber you as you dance the night away, opt for short, sassy dresses that are not at all less glamourous. Just look at this glittery, diaphanous dream of a gold dress. Or glam up your big night with a royal purple one-shoulder dress with shiny gold prints. Even under dim lights, all eyes will be on you.

6. Gold hair accessories can look good both on dark or light coloured hair. Against blonde or highlighted hair, look for more elaborate details such as feathers, crystals, or precious stones, so that the gold will stand out. With black or dark hair, even a simple, vintage hair comb will look elegant with a loose chignon.

7. I don’t know about you, but I love charm bracelets. Many charm jewellers even have wedding-themed charms, so your big night will be a great day to start wearing one! This one in gold by Juicy Couture is garden-themed, so if you have an afternoon outdoor soirée, this one is made for your Little White Dress. Remember to do your nails if you’re intending to show off your bracelet (and the ring!). If you want to do something other than a classic French manicure, try on these two colours, Up Front and Personal and Gold Shatter by OPI.

8. Walk into any jeweller and you’ll notice how updated their gold pieces look nowadays. Just look at the Duchess Regal cascading necklace and Queen of Splendour bracelet by Poh Heng, created with the sophisticated woman in mind. Channel Egyptian chic in a simple, strapless maxi dress and these eye-catching jewellery.

9. I have a weakness for diamonds, and if you do too, you won’t be able to take your eyes off these earrings from Mondial’s Rose Collection. Set in white gold and white diamonds, as well as rose gold and pink diamonds, these will look beautiful whether you wear your hair up or down.

10. No evening dress is complete without a clutch. You can even “upgrade” a simple dress with a clutch that has an exquisite fabric or print, like this black jacquard clutch with gold tips.

11. You can extend your wedding colour beyond what you wear, such as through your wedding invitation design and wedding favours (give your guests little jars of honey)… and also your bridesmaids’ gifts! The Idylle Eau Sublime by Guerlain and the Mon Jasmin Noir eau de parfum by Bvlgari fits the gold colour theme perfectly, from their colours, their feminine scent, and down to the little black organza bow on the bottle!

12. Heels. We hate what they do to our feet but we love how we look in them. Having said that, a pair of durable and comfortable gold heels can take you places so don’t scrimp on them, especially since you have your wedding as a wonderful excuse reason. Peep-toe pumps are always perfect for all occasions, but for your wedding, a pair of Miu Miu gold glitter heels are not extravagant at all for showing off. If you prefer strappy heels, nobody does it better than Jimmy Choo.

13. What is the one gold decor item you can have for your wedding that is, well, almost free? The chandeliers in the ballroom, of course! Although it seems like an overlooked part of the entire wedding decor, most guests will look around the ballroom while waiting for the night to start, and the chandeliers are almost always the most mesmerising. Use that to your advantage by getting your wedding coordinator to keep the lights in the hall dimmed except for the chandeliers, and watch the other efforts you’ve put into the decor stand out.

14. This is stating the obvious, but no gold-themed wedding is complete without champagne. If you can afford it, every guest in the room should be toasting you with a flute of bubbly—it is a celebration after all. And the kids, they can have a cup of cake. They could get bored while you are giving your thank-you speech, so keep them occupied with a gold-themed cupcake.

15. Another possibly free wedding decor comes in the form of chair ties. Check with the wedding coordinator if they have an inventory of gold chair covers or chair ties. Even if they don’t, you can make your own with gold organza or other fabrics, according to your preference.

16. If you’re going to have a real wedding cake for your wedding, don’t forget to incorporate your wedding colours as well. In fact, most brides feel that the wedding cake is the best place to showcase wedding themes, since the cakes are highly customisable. For something really elegant and luxurious, go for a totally white cream cake sprinkled with edible gold flakes. It will be on everyone’s lips, I’m sure.

17. Another free gold decoration that will probably be the most beautiful of all is a golden sunset, Mother Nature’s wedding gift to you. Exchange your vows in the great outdoors in the evening and bask in the warmth of happiness all around you. Can I also mention that a golden evening light is the most flattering of all?

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Be Resplendent in a Gold Wedding