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September 2015

Thematic Concepts Shoots by The Louvre Bridal

Always striving to come up with new and exciting ideas for soon-to-wed couples, The Louvre Bridal is introducing a brand new concept for pre-wedding photoshoots. Couples can now capture their love story in prettily set-up shoot locations, styled according to their chosen theme, all included in their bridal package!

The Louvre Bridal gives couples more creative options for their once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding photos with Thematic Concepts Shoots. With this new offering, couples can have styled settings and themes for their photoshoots, featuring props such as pink roses, sweet macarons, and handmade paper flowers and pinwheels. The Thematic Concepts Shoots were created to help give couples a memorable and unique set of pre-wedding photos, without them going through the hassle of sourcing for vendors and props themselves.

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“We want to offer something new in the local bridal industry,” shares Fion of The Louvre Bridal. “We thought of this service because, when couples see styled shoots in magazines, they’re so inspiring, but it’s something that can never be realised when it’s your own dream! So I think this is more realistic. Couples don’t have to source for so many different vendors, coordinate them, and incur high expenditure too. Styled shoots are not easy.” With this new addition to The Louvre Bridal’s wedding package offerings, couples can have their dream themed photos in the outdoors without breaking a sweat, or the bank. Thematic Concepts Shoots give couples the chance to shoot with adorable UP-themed props or a nautical theme, with everything in the shoot styled and set up for them.

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Thematic Concepts Shoots will be launched as part of The Louvre Bridal’s pre-wedding packages. The themed shoot location is offered as one of the two or three outdoor pre-wedding local shoot locations. With numerous themes to choose from, couples can pick one that reflects their personalities or their hobbies. Romantic couples can opt for the Happily Ever After concept, with its sweet pastel shades and fairy tale feel. Couples who love adventure will like the Upz, Upz, and Away theme, with its colourful hot-air balloon and handmade Adventure Book. For couples who love exploring new places together, the Around the World theme with its handmade paper airplanes, vintage cameras, and globes will be perfect to depict your travels. Nautical-loving couples can choose the Hello, Sailor theme, featuring fun props like rope knots and a message in a bottle, and nostalgic couples can walk down memory lane with the Rustic Vintage theme. Couples are then offered styling advice for their chosen theme, such as what sort of hair and makeup to go with, and what style of gown or even casual outfits will match their theme. For couples who want a more personalised touch, The Louvre Bridal will also try their best to customise their Thematic Concepts Shoots to recreate the couples’ dreams.

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On the day of the shoot, The Louvre Bridal’s styling team will set up the shoot venue with the prepared props before the couple arrives for their Thematic Concept Shoot. Each venue has been carefully researched beforehand. The team has already located the perfect spots for each theme, so everything is in place for an easy and fuss-free experience for the couples. The styling team will stage the venue with pretty props before the couple arrives, so that they can start shooting immediately. After focusing about two hours on this themed shoot location, they can move on to other venues for their pre-wedding photography session. In about four months prior to their weddings, couples will receive their pre-wedding photos, together with their special Thematic Concepts Shoot image collection. “Each thematic concept comes with a set colour edit to match the feel of the theme,” says Fion. “For example, if you choose Happily Ever After, then the colours are warmer, with dreamy effects. Our background was in photography, so we put a lot of effort into our photo quality and editing. That’s our strength.”

The Louvre Bridal’s new Thematic Concepts Shoots offers couples a unique opportunity to add a pretty styled shoot to their pre-wedding photos, at no extra cost. With different carefully thought-out themes to choose from, couples won’t need to worry about sourcing for props and simply enjoy creating fun memories for a lifetime.

To celebrate the launch of their Thematic Concepts Shoots, The Louvre Bridal is giving away a $500 cash discount off their Thematic Concept Shoot package to five lucky winners from now till 23 September! Simply register at their giveaway event page to take part in the giveaway. Follow SingaporeBrides and The Louvre Bridal on Facebook to find out if you’re a lucky winner.

Credits: Photography by The Louvre Bridal.

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Thematic Concepts Shoots by The Louvre Bridal