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June 2015

Classic Cinematography for a Lifetime of Memories

Award-winning wedding videographer Alvin of IrisWave shares with us how he creates timeless and dynamic wedding videos that let couples relive their special day for years to come.

Because wedding videos preserve the happiest day of your life for a lifetime of enjoyment, you want them to be filmed in a classic and timeless style that won’t go out of fashion with today’s trends. That’s just what Alvin Ang of IrisWave believes. An experienced wedding videographer who has spent 12 years honing his craft in Singapore and overseas, Alvin has developed a dynamic and timeless style. “The look has to be very classic,” Alvin tells us when describing his style. “You can watch one of my videos today, and you can watch it five years later, and it will still look current to you.”

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His classic style shines through in award-winning cinematography that features a beautiful balance of aerial, moving, or artfully framed shots to create videos that tell the full story of a couple’s wedding day or love journey. To capture the grandeur and momentousness of a wedding occasion, he uses shots like an aerial view sweeping over lush green gardens to focus on the majestic architecture of a church. “Aerial videos give you a dynamic view of the wedding day. It can be of the church, or a very different perspective of the bridal party,” shares Alvin. Aerial shots give the sense of grandeur that this special occasion warrants, while character is captured in the funny moments between friends and family, candidly weaved into same day edits to show the flavour of the day and offer insight into the couple’s personalities.

Artfully framed shots feature ethereal light illuminating the lovely bride in her wedding gown as she prepares for her once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Even scenes of evening ROM ceremonies, shot just hours before the wedding highlights are shown, are skilfully woven into the video narrative within the tight timeframe. These moments all come together in IrisWave’s carefully crafted videos that tell the full story of a couple’s wedding day as they celebrate their love in the company of their nearest and dearest.

Not only do the videos look beautiful, they also clearly and distinctly capture those precious moments of a couple pledging their love to each other. Understanding how important those promises are to a couple, Alvin makes sure that every word is clearly recorded by connecting his cameras to the sound equipment and by treating the audio. “To me, especially for the exchange of vows, the audio has to be crisp and very clear. Like the person is standing next to you,” he says.

They are also constantly growing with the industry’s trends. Besides introducing aerial filming and fun slo-mo booths, IrisWave has also added destination pre-wedding videography to his repertoire of services. The destination pre-wedding videos feature stunning scenes of couples running through the vibrant lavender fields in Provence, or holding each other and watching the sun set atop a rocky cliff. The results are dreamy and lovely, yet are timelessly classic, creating wedding videos that couples can enjoy for a lifetime.

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IrisWave’s timeless style and carefully honed craft has won the videography team international recognition, and they have taken home more than 30 awards from various agencies. Yet, you won’t see the team becoming complacent with their achievements. Alvin firmly believes in constantly growing with the latest techniques and industry trends to produce continually better work. “My best work, hopefully, is the next one!” he tells us. “A big part of the way I conduct my work is how we have that sense that there is always room for improvement, and we never stop learning. The moment you say you’re good enough or you’re there, that’s when you’re done for.” With that attitude, it’s no wonder that IrisWave’s signature timeless and dynamic style and high quality standards consistently feature in their wedding videography.

From now till 1 August 2015, IrisWave is offering SingaporeBrides readers a 30% discount on a destination pre-wedding videography and photography package that includes 4 filming sessions with all film and digital photos returned, 3-5 minute-long destination pre-wedding video with aerial video add-on, and a fusion pre-wedding video + slideshow . Hurry, limited slots are available for Paris/Provence in July, Perth in August, Brisbane in September, and Bali in November 2015, to capture beautiful fields of lavender, misty mountains, and rustic churches as the perfect backdrops to your story. For more details on this promotion, contact IrisWave at [email protected] or +65 9786 4989 for enquiries now. To view more of their portfolio, click here.

Credits: Stills and videography by IrisWave / feature image cropped from original.

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Classic Cinematography for a Lifetime of Memories