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April 2015

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Remember the friends and family who came to celebrate with you through a creative wedding guestbook alternative that you can display in your new home. Check out these 10 guestbook alternative ideas for guests to write their well-wishes and advice, and pick one that reflects your wedding theme!

The wedding guestbook has always been a way to remember all the wonderful people who came to bless your union. After wedding guests write their well-wishes and notes in the guestbook, most couples tuck it away with all of their other keepsakes. But wouldn’t you rather have a wedding guestbook you can display in your new home, that fondly reminds you of the happiest day of your life? For something different from the traditional guestbook, here are 10 ideas for wedding guestbook alternatives that you can use as meaningful décor in your new nest.

1. Map Wedding Guestbook

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives MapWedding Guestbook Alternative Map by Here&There on etsy

This is a great wedding guestbook alternative if you’re hosting a travel-themed celebration or have a lot of out-of-towner guests. You can even blow up a map of your wedding venue if you’re holding a destination wedding to make it more meaningful, or ask your guests to recommend places to visit as a couple. A pretty map print will provide ample space for your guests to write their congratulations, and will be fun décor for your home, along with all the other keepsakes from your travels!

2. Framed Love Quote or Photo Guestbook

Intimate Wedding at The Halia, Singapore 93Intimate Wedding at The Halia, captured by Bloc Memoire Photography

Get a print of your favourite love quote, or frame a photo from your engagement shoot, leaving a nice, wide border around the print for guests to leave their signatures and well-wishes in permanent markers. You can hang your alternative wedding guestbook up to brighten your new home!

3. Vintage Notes and Envelopes

Whimsical Retro Wedding at Alkaff Mansion 51Coral and Mint Retro Garden Wedding at Alkaff Mansion, captured by Bryan Jean Photography

Pick pretty patterned stationery, and set up a chalkboard sign that turns your wedding guestbook into a game! Guests can choose what topics to give advice on, and tuck their notes into a rustic box.

4. Fingerprint Tree or Balloons Wedding Guestbook

Young and Free Singapore Garden Wedding Pauche Photography (13)Young and Free, captured by Pauche Photography

Not everyone has a way with words when it comes to signing your wedding guestbook. Make it simple for your family and friends with a fingerprint tree alternative guestbook! Guests can stamp their fingerprints to create leaves or balloons on an art print, which you can then have framed. Be sure to provide wet wipes so that they can clean up afterwards!

5. Wedding Guestbook Wreath

unique wedding guestbook wreath diy coverDIY Tutorial: Pop Up Wreath Guestbook

This DIY wedding guestbook wreath has pretty 3D leaves that guests can pop out and leave their signatures on. If you’re holding a rustic or garden wedding, why not tie into the theme with this DIY paper wreath that you can hang in your home?

6. Quilt Wedding Guestbook

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives QuiltSignature Wedding Quilt by Home Sewn Studio on etsy

Revive the sweet tradition of quilts with this heartwarming wedding guestbook alternative. Wedding guests write their well wishes on quilt squares, which you can get a seamstress to join into a family quilt!

7. Polaroids and Photobooth Snaps

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives PolaroidsWedding floral pegs, wedding escort cards by Maria Panayiotou, CC licensed 2.0

Who doesn’t love a photobooth at a wedding? With fun props and instant prints that wedding guests can keep, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Besides entertaining your guests and giving them a memento of your day, why not ask for your own keepsakes too? Get your guests to snap a photo or a polaroid of themselves and write their well wishes on it as an alternative to a wedding guestbook. After the wedding, display the snaps on colourful pegs, or keep them in a wedding scrapbook or album.

8. Framed Wooden Hearts

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives Framed HeartsPinned to ourWedding Guestbook boardon Pinterest

For rustic weddings, these wooden hearts are perfect for your guests to write their love notes. Let the wedding guestbook alternative double up as reception décor by choosing hearts in your wedding colours. Dropped into a wooden frame, the hearts will be a lovely memento that you can display on a shelf in your home.

9. Typewriter Notes

Perfect Kombi 15The Perfect Kombination of Sweet and Vintage, captured byJohn Lim Photography

If you’re holding a vintage wedding, set up an old typewriter alongside pretty notepaper and ask your wedding guests to type you their advice for a long-lasting marriage, the old-fashioned way! Keep the notes in a vintage tin to be opened on your first anniversary.

10. Seashell Notes

10 Wedding Guestbook Alternative SeashellsPinned to ourWedding Guestbook boardon Pinterest

For a great wedding guestbook alternative for beach weddings, set out shells that you have collected on your trips together and have guests sign their names on the inside. You can also get them to sign pebbles or rocks, and display these in a glass jar.

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10 Wedding Guestbook Alternatives