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October 2014

Love is Sweet

This solemnisation is full of pretty details and candy-coloured flowers. Felicia Cheng, 26, Nail Stylist and Eric Gent, 32, Director, solemnised their marriage on 21 November 2013 in a sweet and intimate celebration blooming with romantic pastel hues, colourful bunting and a fun shower of confetti from a giant balloon!

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How did you two sweethearts meet?

Felicia: We met on in May 2013. Eric came to see me in Singapore in June 2013, and three more times after.

Was the all-important question popped during one of those visits?

Felicia: It was a sweet little proposal at the backyard of Rendezvous Hotel, in the outdoor café where we often spent our lunch dates. Eric went to a 24 hour florist to get the bouquets, went to the 24 hour supermarket to get white candles, champagne and ice-cream cake, and ordered a room service meal to be delivered to the courtyard for the proposal as it was at about 2am in the morning.

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Were you surprised to get a marriage proposal at 2am in the morning?

Felicia: I knew that Eric was going to propose as he brought me to Tiffany & Co. at Marina Bay Sands to pick out an engagement ring! He had already blurted out the question just the day before while we were having a heart-to-heart talk. I didn’t expect it to be so soon and without a ring. Eric knew I had to pick my own ring so there wasn’t one when he first asked. I said that I’d pretend it didn’t happen and that he needed to do it again, properly with flowers and a ring! I didn’t know when the “real” proposal would be. I loved that he picked the courtyard at Rendezvous Hotel and on a later date took me for a romantic dinner at Au Jardin at Botanical Gardens where he initially planned to propose to me. I loved it! It wasn’t what I expected at all!

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How sweet! Your solemnisation looked like it came out of a garden as well. Was that the theme?

Felicia: The solemnisation was magical, just like a fairytale, and all that I’ve ever wanted. I didn’t know what I wanted or where to begin, but I knew I loved pastels and our wonderful wedding planner Sharol, from Eternal Emotion, was full of ideas! She was the one who had a bagful of interesting items we could add to the wedding and her wide variety of contacts made the wedding day very special. The theme was sweet fairytale pastels. I had plenty of pastel roses, hydrangeas, a confetti balloon (which was popped by a sweet lacy umbrella), floral bunting, and a gorgeous dessert corner with a silver carriage (the florist/stylist’s idea). Zyn even made her own pretty castle cutout and framed it with a white photo frame! I loved the wedding planner and her contacts because they understood exactly what I wanted when I only managed to give them small details.

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Were there any moments in your solemnisation that were particularly special to you?

Felicia: I think my favorite moment would be when it was time for the cake cutting, I was caught by surprise as we were too caught up with the short planning of the wedding and forgot about the cake I hd asked Sharol for altogether! The confetti balloon was fantastic too. I loved how the entire wedding was painted with happy colours!

Can you tell us the cost of your celebrations, and where you spent the most?

Felicia: About $10k including F&B. The decorations and photographer took up a larger part of the cost.

The Wedding Gown: Calla Bridal by Casey Loh
The Bride’s Shoes: Debhanams UK
The Jewellery: SK Jewellery and Goldheart
The Suit: Armani UK
The Groom’s Shoes: Armani UK
The Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co. Singapore and UK
The Venue: 7Adam restaurant
The Makeup and Hair Artist: Karen Yee
The Wedding Cake: Yuanwen from Butter Queen
The Brownies: P.Osh Shop
The Macarons: Vanille by Elin
The Florist and Event Stylist: Zyn of Le Fairymeadow
The Wedding Planner: Sharol of Eternal Emotion
The Balloons: Funatballoons
The Photographer: Alwin of Lightedpixels Photography
The Photobooth: One Eye Click Live
The Invitations and Paper goods: Papypress
The Wedding Favours from: Shipped from Japan by The Wedding Box

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Love is Sweet