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September 2014

Yvonne and Alex’s Fairytale Wedding

Yvonne Lim, MediaCorp Artiste and Alex Tien, Businessman danced to Etta James’ “At Last” and tied the knot in star-studded fashion on 6 & 7 September 2014. While there is no lack of articles online about the celebrity couple, we’re happy that they have shared their thoughts and wedding with SingaporeBrides. This was, after all, a wedding more than 10 years in the making.

You and Alex met 10 years ago. Do you still remember what happened that day and who asked for whose number first?

Yvonne: Alex was in a Taiwanese boy band B.A.D back then, and they were in Singapore to promote their album, taking part in a MediaCorp variety show. I was one of the artistes involved in the show. I can’t really remember but I think it was Alex who asked for my number first.

Was there any mutual attraction then?

Yvonne: My first impression of him was that he was a good looking guy with a very clean-cut image. I guess there must have been some attraction, but we didn’t take our friendship further as I was not ready for a long-distance relationship.

Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding

With 10 years of friendship, and after both of you have had your own relationships, what made you consider each other as a possible couple?

Yvonne: It just happened at the right time, and the right place. We are both in the right mindset now to make it work as a couple. We are both ready.

We know Alex proposed to you in the middle of a magazine shoot in March. Tell us more about what happened. We want the details!

Yvonne: Alex was in town then and I figured he could come along for my magazine cover shoot since he already knew most of the friends who were going to be there. He had already bought the ring and was just looking for the right opportunity.

I was really clueless about the proposal as I was preoccupied with getting my hair and makeup done, while the rest were secretly informed of his pending proposal. Then when shoot ended, he came up to me and knelt down on one knee. I was totally caught off-guard and I was so surprised and touched I wept!

It was very special as we were surrounded by close friends.

yvonneandalex 2 yvonneandalex 3 yvonneandalex 4 yvonneandalex 5

With your busy schedules, did you have help planning your wedding?

Yvonne: Most of the planning was done by me as I had time off after completing filming to concentrate on planning the wedding. I am more of a logistics person, while Alex is the creative one. We knew we wanted a whimsical and fairy-tale theme. From the beautiful projection mapping done by my husband Alex and his partner Adrian, our beautiful decor and music selection, it was all done with the theme in mind. And of course our colour theme was pink because that is my favorite colour. I’d like to thank the team from The Ritz Carlton Singapore, who helped in many ways to make our wedding a special one.

Did you turn into a Bridezilla?

Yvonne: I guess I managed to hold on pretty well. I was a little nervous and worried but not a Bridezilla, certainly!

What was it like during your solemnisation on the 6th of September?

Yvonne: The solemnisation ceremony went really well. It was simple and intimate. As Alex’s birthday is on the 12th, I decided to give him a birthday surprise that evening, since most of his friends had flown in specially for our wedding. I booked a City Tour double decker bus and had all his friends on board with party poppers and drinks. He didn’t expect that and was really happy.

yvonneandalex 6 yvonneandalex 7 yvonneandalex 8 yvonneandalex 9 Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding

Tell us more about the gowns you wore on your wedding.

Yvonne: The gown for my solemnisation was from local designer Zenchi, and the veil was from a Taiwanese bridal store, CH wedding. I knew I wanted a long veil from day one so a simple, elegant dress would complement the veil very well. Zenchi is so easy and great to work with.

For my wedding banquet, my gowns were from CH Wedding Taiwan, and the jewellery was from Bulgari. As the theme is whimsical, the first gown with its sequins would look very nice under the lights and projection, and I wanted a long gown. I actually wore something similar for my bridal shoot in Taiwan for the second gown and I really like it. CH Wedding was very nice to make one in pink for me. Bulgari was also very sweet to loan me the jewellery which made me feel like royalty that evening.

I actually didn’t have a hard time choosing my gowns as I already knew what I wanted so it was done within an hour.

What was Alex’s reaction when he saw them, since you kept them a secret from him?

Yvonne: He was pleasantly surprised! He knew he could trust my taste and not go too extreme. He told me his worries are all gone when he saw me marching in down the aisle. That was really sweet. So I guess to keep an element of surprise and mystery is a good idea for all brides-to-be!

yvonneandalex 16 yvonneandalex 17 Yvonne and Alex's Fairytale Wedding

What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

Yvonne: We heard really good comments and received all kinds of well wishes from our family and friends. They felt every single detail was taken care of, from the décor, to the service, to the food. They said it was the most touching, sincere and romantic wedding they have ever been to and we are really glad our guests had a good time and enjoyed themselves.

Were there any particular moments on your big day that were especially memorable or special to you?

Yvonne: For me, that will be when Alex started singing Jam Hsiao’s “Marry Me”. He was a little bit under the weather that night but he held on fine and rose up to the occasion. Although he used to be from a boy band, he had never sung to me before. I was really touched!

Alex: Mine was when Yvonne marched in during the solemnisation. I was very nervous before that, still trying hard to memorise my vows. But the moment she walked in looking so beautiful in her gown and veil, which I had been forbidden to see before that day, all my nerves and worries were gone at that very instant. I felt comforted to know that she will be by my side forever.

Her Gowns: Zenchi (Solemnisation), CH Wedding Taiwan (Pre-wedding and wedding banquet)
His Suits: Tailored (Solemnisation), Vera Wang (Wedding Banquet)
The Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Make-up & Hair Stylists: Jyue Huey from The Makeup Room, and Ben from Passion (Solemnisation), Peter Khor, and Ryan from Passion (Wedding Banquet)
Wedding Planners: Alex and I, and our friends Alphonsus and Ingrid
The Photographer: Reddot Studio
The Videographer: Filming Art
Projection Mapping: Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd

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Yvonne and Alex’s Fairytale Wedding