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August 2014

Weddings in Pictures : A Lifetime With You

After a decade of dating, Raihidaya and Shahiran knew they were ready to live with each other and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Our couples had twice the amount of fun, joy and memories over two days of celebration on 18 & 19 January 2014 with different themes and outfits for each of their families. Learn what goes on during a Malay wedding and check out Raihidaya and Shahiran’s timeless white wedding and rustic vintage themed celebrations here.

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How was your actual day like?

Raihidaya: We had our solemnisation ceremony on Saturday morning, followed by a lunch reception for the bride’s side on 18 January. Before we were allowed to be seated on the dais togther, Shahiran made his entrance along with his family members to the dais where I was waiting for him. Along the way, with the help of his groomsmen, he completed a series of dares in order to pass through the ‘gate’ to where I am. Once he was at the dais, I showed my respect by kissing his hands. The kompang, or percussion group, proceeded to perform a few numbers with some Silat action for us. The rest of the day was pretty smooth-sailing, except for the instance where the strong winds knocked over a couple of vases.  Other than that, the day was surreal and we were extremely happy, overwhelmed and full of love to have had our family members with us on this special day.

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You had 5 changes of gowns over 2 days of celebrations. Tell us more about them and your wedding preparations.

Raihidaya: Yes! Since we had two days of celebrations, one day each for our respective families, we had the luxury of picking 2 different wedding themes and venues, and to complement each day’s theme, I had 2 changes of outfits on each day. Including my more modest outfit for our solemnisation at the mosque, I had a total of 5 outfit changes for my wedding. For my family’s celebration, we decided on a white wedding theme to signify the purity and simplicity of our love, while for the groom’s family, we chose a rustic vintage theme to showcase and share our love for all things vintage with our guests. It took us over a year to prepare for our wedding, bearing in mind to keep it memorable and fun for everyone present, and it was all well worth it.

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The Wedding Outfits: The Wedding Brocade
The Venue: Bishan Active Park & 727 Yishun St 71
The Photographer: Syahruz from BlissPhoto+Cinema
The Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Katt from The Wedding Brocade
The Florist: FM Events

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Weddings in Pictures : A Lifetime With You