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May 2014

6 Groomsmen Dress Trends You Should Know

So you’ve read up on the 7 most popular bridesmaids dress trends and have an idea on what to dress your bridesmaids up in. But what about your other half’s groomsmen? Give your groom-to-be a head’s up on what’s trending and help dress his groomsmen in dashing outfits to complement your beautifully dolled up bridesmaids for a picture perfect wedding. To help you do that, we’ve gathered the 6 most popular groomsmen’s dress trends! Now, all you have to do is just pass the message along!

1. Classic Black

Meiting and Shunxiong’s Dreamy White and Gold Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel

Formal and smart-looking, you can’t go wrong with a classic black-tie suit. Opt for a navy blue or grey suit instead for a more contemporary twist on this trend.

2. Three-Piece Suits

Trasy and Joseph’s Romantic Bali Wedding in Tirtha Uluwatu / Cropped from original

The elegant and sophisticated 3-piece suit à laSimon Baker in The Mentalistis a great alternative to the classic black-tie one. Made up of a blazer, vest and pants, your groomsmen have the option of leaving the vest out for the later half of the wedding for a different look.

3. Vests

Victoria and Kris’ Breathtaking Bali Wedding with an Overwater Aisle

Although the weather in Singapore may not be suit-friendly most of the time, your groomsmen can still look stylish by opting for vests instead of blazers.

4. Suspenders

Gayle and Marc’s Bohemian Backyard Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate

There’s just something about suspenders that makes a man’s outfit sexy, fun and modern all at one go! It also reminds the ladies of Ryan Gosling in The Notebook or Louis Tomlison fromOne Direction. So go ahead and dress your boys in these, and watch them channel their inner sexy. Suspenders also make a cute addition to your ring-bearer’s outfit as well.

5. Matching Details

Sally and Kylan’s Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore with a Surprise Dessert Buffet

Make your groomsmen’s outfits fun and colourful by injecting small doses of those elements into their ensemble and dress them in matching ties, bow ties, shoes and even quirky socks for your big day!

6. Themed Outfits

Mindy and Kenneth’s Descendants of the Sun Inspired Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel

Nothing spells fun like a themed wedding entourage! Dress your groomsmen up as superheroes FBI agents or even minions for a unique spin on your wedding day!

Feature Image: Constance and Jason’s Kaleidoscope Flower Field Hall Wedding At Gardens By The Bay

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6 Groomsmen Dress Trends You Should Know