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December 2013

Wedding Tresses That Impress

Your big day is drawing nigh, and with preparations for the wedding venue, guest list, catering and all those nitty gritty details finally out of the way, it’s time to allow yourself the fun of thinking about how you should style your hair to complete your look. With so many options flooding the Pinterest arena and blogosphere, how do you decide on the one, the only, the perfect hairstyle? SingaporeBrides sorts it out by considering your wedding style and gown design. Read on to find your wedding style and the hairdos that can put the finishing touch on the look you’re going for.

Old Hollywood Glamour

Your chosen halls are decked out in Art Deco gold and glamourous geometric designs. You’ve found a flapper dress that would outshine Daisy’s spangly wardrobe, and a gorgeously cut gem of a ring. To complete your glamourous day, ask your hairstylist to set your hair in the finger waves that are making waves right now.

The retro glam style is a hot trend popularly worn by celebrities now, and works well on most face shapes and hair lengths. Short bobs can be worn tight and close to the head, and look especially glamourous with a fascinator and birdcage veil, and red lips of course. Longer tresses can be curled more loosely, and look romantic swept over one shoulder. Flapper girls dressed up their hair with feathery headbands and jazzy embellishments, and there’s no reason for you to hold back either, on your wedding day! Finish with a glossy serum to add high shine, and you’re on your way to dazzling your groom and guests with more than the happy sparkle in your eyes.

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Classic Elegance

There are some wedding hairstyles that are timelessly chic and go with almost any kind of gown, and the chignon is definitely one of them. With your hair swept back from your face and secured in a classic chignon, you achieve elegance and allow your dress to make a full impact. High or low buns up the poise factor as well. If you have a longer face shape, go for a bun knotted at the nape of your neck or the back of your head instead of a bun on top of the head, as that lengthens the face.

Sleekly styled french twists are similarly great for showing off the lace in a high-collared gown, and balance out meringue gowns well by not overdoing it with too much hair, yet not making your head look too small and you bottom heavy. An updo is also the perfect base on which to secure longer veils. Complete your elegant look by wearing lustrous pearls in your hair, adorning your bun with a jewelled pin or silk flowers, or sweetening things up with a sleek satin headband.

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Vintage Romance

Take a cue from the lovely ladies of English yesteryear, and turn heads in your garden tea party floral-appliqued dress with tumbling locks and romantic ringlets. Infuse romance into gowns with simple, flowing lines, such as the empire or sheath, with curls instead of sleek hair. A twisted knot or braided chignon is perfect for adding softness to your look while keeping in with the formal occasion.

If your dress features a demure neckline, don’t detract from its lace-edged loveliness by covering it up; opt for a looser interpretation of an updo, with upswept curls held in place with floral pins. For even more of the romantic, dashing off into the sunset feel, make sure you leave tendrils to frame your face, and highlight the blushing bridal glow on your cheekbones. Curly tendrils work well to soften a square shaped face too.

Bohemian Chic

You have a rustically chic style and crafted tons of pretty handmade details for your wedding. With your creative and carefree streak, you’re probably planning on doing your own hair for your wedding day—by leaving it down the way you wear it every day. While loose waves are certainly a great look with denim shorts, your one-of-a-kind handsewn dress deserves something special, surely? Keep the look young and carefree with a fishtail braid, and or pile it up in a simple french-braided crown for extra elegance.

You could also wear a floral crown in honour of this special occasion. This very on-trend look is gorgeous, and there are so many styles to choose from! Go big with boldly coloured blooms to celebrate in glorious abandon, or try a delicate crown with small flowers for a sweeter take on the trend.

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Isles of Aphrodite

If you’ve lost your heart to the ocean and worship the sun, you’re likely to be celebrating your golden day at the beach. Beach weddings are lovely with tropical floral arrangements, and the feeling of being on holiday. In keeping the relaxed mood of your ceremony, set your hair in beach waves for a natural look. To prevent your hair from flying everywhere in the breeze, put it up in an intentionally tousled knot or french braid along the sides of your hair parting, and end in a messy knot at the back for a look that is relaxed and casual.

Beach weddings don’t always have to casual, of course. Up the glam factor with a Grecian theme, don a regal white and gold toga gown and model your hair after Helen of Troy with gold laurels interwoven on elaborate braids and perfect curls.

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Wedding Tresses That Impress