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December 2013

The Stars Aligned

They were both on the same continent, travelling in the same social circles, yet never made each other’s acquaintance. But if a couple is meant to be, they’re meant to be. Avril Phua, 26, Corporate Communications and Lee Wei Thian, 29, Business Development Manager, finally crossed paths when they were back on home ground, and thus began their beautiful journey together. Read on to find out how each step of their wedding preparations led them to their blissful marriage destination on 16 June 2013.

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How did the two of you meet?

Wei Thian: I would say it’s purely a coincidence. We both studied abroad at the same place and at the same time, but never had the chance to bump into each other although we had a lot of common friends.

Avril: Back in Singapore, one of my really close girlfriends from university happened to be hanging out with her other uni-mates (one of whom was Wei Thian), prior to meeting me for dinner. She asked me to meet her where they all were, and that’s when everything started!

Your paths must have been destined to cross! Tell us about the proposal that aligned your stars for good.

Avril: He knew me well. It wasn’t a big affair that involved many people and it wasn’t done in public. I liked that the proposal was done within four walls, just between us. Well, he did get down on one knee and I guess it helped that we were in the midst of our holiday, in Vegas. Very romantic!

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How sweet! Could you tell us what your wedding preparations were like?

Wei Thian: The first thing we did was to agree on a date, fix a working budget, and talk through our expectations for the wedding. We also spoke to our parents on their expectations and tried to address any concerns.

Avril: Once expectations and working budget were out of the way, I thought that what was extremely important was to support each other and be involved with the planning details. It’s like work, you know? You need to jot down details, create a to-do-list, ask around for other couples’ experiences, and have a deadline. It can get tiring with the sourcing of hotels and bridal gowns, and basically conceptualising the wedding event day – each of which can be a very reiterative process!

Wedding planning is certainly a big task. Do you have any advice for other couples?

Avril: Where possible, delegate the duties out to family and friends! They can be the GREATEST help on your actual day.

Wei Thian: We briefed our family members on what we needed help with, and also held two briefing sessions, with presentation slides and handouts (yes, see it’s like work), for our ‘brothers and sisters’ on their roles and responsibilities and what was to happen on the actual day. Tedious, yes. But very worth the effort and time.

Avril: We also used in our planning process. It’s great for sussing out ideas and spotting potential pit-falls through forum discussion!

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Did you choose a wedding theme?

Avril: We didn’t really have a theme, but probably had more of a broader concept of simplicity. That’s also the reason why I chose Amanda Lee for my gown. I absolutely adore the clean and simple lines.

You looked lovely. Did everything else fall into place on your actual wedding day?

Avril: The actual day went smoothly as everyone was in sync. I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to ‘work’ on my wedding day, especially donning on a wedding gown!

WeiThian: The actual day was truly a time for my wife and I to celebrate and just enjoy this very special event.

Her Dress: Amanda Lee Weddings
His Outfit: Tailored by Grammy Tailoring
The Venue: Resorts World Sentosa and Grand Copthorne Waterfront
The Photographers: Avenue 8, Bloc Memoire Photography
The Videographer: Twenty8picks
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Gin Tan

Images by Bloc Memoire Photography

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The Stars Aligned