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August 2013

A Forlino Wedding

Chew Yan and Jing Jie threw a simple and classic Forlino wedding celebration, a perfect theme for the elegant interiors.

With the scenic Marina Bay in the background and the surrounding ornate Italian interior décor, it is easy to understand why credit analyst Tan Chew Yan, 29, and steel trader Ng Jing Jie, 29, chose to pledge their love to one another at Forlino. Rather than planning an over-the-top wedding, Chew Yan and Jing Jie opted for a simple and classic wedding on 11 May 2013 that complemented and allowed the opulent Forlino interior to shine. Take a peek at their wedding celebration and watch how this couple turn “simple” and “classic” into an afternoon of wonder.

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How did the two of you meet?

Chew Yan: We met during our Junior College days but only started dating after our graduation when I was in University while Jing Jie was in the National Service.

Jing Jie: Both of us were in the same class back in Junior College and all we remembered was me trying to copy her work during our Chemistry laboratory lessons and making prank calls to her.

What was the proposal like?

Jing Jie: I booked a duplex room in Goodwood Park Hotel and told Chew Yan that it was a lucky draw prize so she didn’t suspect anything. The day before, I liaised with Goodwood Park Hotel’s concierge to arrange for flower petals, tea lights, flowers and various decorations. On the day of the proposal, I led her into the room, knelt in front of her and proposed.

Chew Yan: We didn’t want to publicise our proposal – no elaborate planning, no extreme preparations – just a heartfelt proposal. That was just a private and special moment for both of us.

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Describe your wedding experience in Forlino. Walk us through your wedding planning.

Jing Jie: We didn’t exactly have a theme for our lunch reception. We just wanted to use our favourite flowers and colours, and keep the lunch reception clean, simple and natural, so we used white tulips with plenty of green and purple accents. We avoided bright coloured flowers to give our lunch reception a classic and private feel. Lorenzo, from Forlino, really understood what we were looking for and most importantly, he was willing to listen to what we wanted and did his best to arrange the menu to our liking.

Chew Yan: We decided on Forlino because they had great food, a beautiful location and excellent service. And they did not disappoint us on our actual day. Their service was impeccable during our soleminisation and the food served during the lunch reception was delectable.

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What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

Chew Yan: Everyone gushed about Forlino’s impeccable service and delicious food. All of them had plenty of fun during the day, and that’s all we really wanted for our big day – for our guests to enjoy themselves.

Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

Jing Jie: For me, our solemnisation was the most important moment of the day. Only close family and friends were invited to the lunch solemnisation and reception, so we really wanted to declare our thoughts and feelings openly in front of everyone.

Her Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
His Suit: Amanda Lee Weddings
The Venue: Forlino
The Photographer: Mosaic Studios
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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A Forlino Wedding