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June 2013

The Wedding Blessing Box

When you begin planning for your wedding, which detail do you find yourself looking at first? Your wedding gown is without doubt one of the first details you’d work on first, followed by your wedding venue, theme, bridal party and the related wedding vendors such as florists and decorators. And with your remaining time, energy and budget, the less important details such as wedding invites and wedding ang pow box are being taken care of. But are these really the less important details of a wedding?

Wedding invites often offers the first glimpse of what your wedding would be like and as the first detail to greet your guests at the reception, the wedding ang pow box plays a huge role in honouring your wedding guests. Achieve this on your big day with a wedding ang pow (red packet) box that is nothing less than visually stunning and pleasing. But, its not just aesthetics you’re going after by using a beautifully decorated ang pow box; more importantly, it is a way of welcoming and esteeming your guests. “The effort and thought put into the decoration of the box conveys to the guests how much their presence and blessings are being honoured, and that the success of a wedding also depends on their enjoyment of the celebration,” The Beautiful Carrier team explains.


The Beautiful Carrier is made up of a team of dedicated craftsmen who specialises in the creation of gift carriers because they believe that the giving and receiving of gifts should be done in a beautiful manner. “It is imperative that gift-giving should be done in nothing less than a beautifully designed carrier that conveys the giver’s sincerity and thoughtfulness, and enhances the receiver’s delight in receiving it,” The Beautiful Carrier team elaborates. “This applies to all occasions, and especially at weddings.”

And since wedding gifts come in the form of wedding ang pows, The Beautiful Carrier team has dedicated their creativity to making uniquely designed and themed blessing boxes – their interpretation of a wedding ang pow box. “Since the giving of ang pows is representative of the guests’ blessings for the couple, wedding guests should be thanked and honoured for the giving of these blessings in nothing less than a beautiful manner,” The Beautiful Carrier team says.


In order to reciprocate your guests’ well wishes, every blessing box at The Beautiful Carrier is lovingly conceptualised, intricately handmade and meticulously detailed to perfection. Only the finest satin, velvet, Swarovski crystals, bridal lace and quality materials are used in the creation of the blessing boxes. And just as every wedding guests’ blessings are special to the couple, every blessing box at The Beautiful Carrier is personalised with your names.

The Beautiful Carrier currently has a variety of differently themed blessing boxes for couples to pick from – Walk in Love, We are in the Same Boat now, Let’s Have Tea, Everlasting Love, The Jewel and Love Lights Up. Each of these collections consists of other wedding essentials such as the guestbook, wedding invites, wedding ring bearer, beautiful delights (wedding favours), place cards and more. Every collection at The Beautiful Carrier is infused with a beautiful meaning that symbolises and sums up what love and marriage is about. When marriage means committing to a lifetime of walking through the ups and downs of life together with your groom, then The Beautiful Carrier’s Walk in Love blessing box, in the form of a pair of groom’s and bride’s shoe, is perfect for you. Aside from having six very meaningful and stunning collections for you to choose from, you can also opt for an alternative colour scheme available in their collections. The Beautiful Carrier also offers couples the flexibility of ordering individual items from their collections without the need to get an entire collection. Because every item is on a made-to-order basis, do remember to place your order early!


Delight your guests on your big day and convey your appreciation for their blessings and presence with a blessing box that is both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing from The Beautiful Carrier.

Contact The Beautiful Carrier at [email protected] or call +65 9879 6456 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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The Wedding Blessing Box