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June 2013

How To Buy The Lingerie Of Her Dreams

Every guy thinks he has the perfect lingerie for his lady. Problem is, it’s unlikely to be the one she imagined it to be. Fu Jinming unclasps the mystery of the female undergarment.

When it comes to buying lingerie for your lady, you’d do well to use that organ in your head, not your pants. Which may surprise you, considering how it’s all about getting her something kinky that turns you on, and by virtue of that, her too – right?


In case you haven’t noticed, wearing a tiny thing around your little bits can get a little uncomfortable – especially if it fits you in all the wrong ways. And when she’s uncomfortable, that hot, sizzling night in can quickly fizzle into dark, molten awkwardness.

Make no mistake cavern-folk, getting her the perfect little number requires more than just your dirty little fantasies, and that girlie mag you’ve hidden underneath your bed since you were 15. It requires research, analysis, strategy, guile, and a healthy dose of derring-do. That is, if you can first get through the embarrassment of it all.

Which is where we come in. Here are some tips to give you an (ahem) ample start to your lingerie search.

Wearable First, Sexy Second

A common rookie mistake – panties and bras aren’t just meant to be sexy, they’re meant to be worn. Nothing says thoughtfulness like getting her a piece of underwear she can actually wear on a day-to-day basis. That means going for something made of reasonably stretchy fabric.

For something that says “sex kitten”, go for something lacy, either in black or red. Just make sure that she will be able to pull her favourite skinny jeans over it. Clue: Not every woman likes having her G-strings ride up her, erm, you know.

How to buy the lingerie of her dreams

Get into Her Panties

A silk robe or a nightdress is almost always a safe bet. They are less size-specific – which means less chances of you getting a wrong fit – and can often turn up the bedroom heat without all the fuss that comes with other forms of intimate wear.

But if panties are what you’re after, go through her underwear collection and note her size.

If for some reason you still don’t know her size – and you have to make a call fast – go for a Medium. Unless you know for sure that she’s a Large, buying a pair in that size isn’t exactly a complimentary gesture. Similarly, getting one too small seems a little lazy, or a tad too keen to please.

Know Her Body Type

Everyone’s built differently. The right lingerie with the right fit will bring out your lady’s best assets, which can boost her confidence – and both your evenings.

If your girl is tall and slim, get her a garter belt. It’ll make their legs look like they run up forever. And it’ll draw attention to her curves even if they’re a little straight-edged. Ask the retailer what comes with the set as you may need to buy stockings, panty and a bra to match.

If she’s voluptuous and ample up top, ask for an underwired bra. Or better yet, try a corset. It supports the bust and brings out her cleavage in a very tasty manner. It also enhances the small curve of her waist and flattens her stomach. But be sure to buy a quality one. A shoddily made one won’t last through the first try-on, let alone second base.

For bigger, rounder types, a sexy little negligee will do nicely. It easily hides a big tummy or wide behind. So she can hide the areas she’s not proud of, while showing off the ones she is. Go for dark colours like black for a slimming look. Avoid white or anything see-through.

Athletic or slim body types can try sexy boy shorts (or booty shorts). They add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. The best thing about them? They can be worn on their own, or with other items like a bra, a garter or a corset.

How to buy the lingerie of her dreams

Know Her Style

You wouldn’t be caught dead with turned-up collars on your polo tee – because it’s just not you. Similarly, your library-loving Amy isn’t going to turn into a leather-clad Luciana overnight. So quit pressuring her to.

Take note of her style preferences, and look for lingerie that fits her mould. It doesn’t mean that cotton is duller than lace, or that G-strings are sexier. It means getting her to be comfortable with who she is. So she may feel comfortable with you in the bedroom. Very comfortable.

Know Her Brands

Every girl has her favourite brands. And that goes for the stuff underneath her clothes too. Each label has its own unique cut and style, and if she leans more into one particular brand, it’s usually because she’s more comfortable in it. So make like a perv and dig into her underwear drawer to find out which brands she likes.

Know Thy Fabric

There’s a whole range of fabric types to choose from when it comes to lingerie. To stay in the safe zone, go for lace, satin or silk – fabrics that are considered feminine, yet comfortable to the skin.

While sexy numbers have been made out of it, cotton is what women will buy for themselves anyway. So it may not feel special enough as an intimate gift. Unless of course “high school prom night” is the theme of the evening.

Though daring, PVC can be difficult to find in the right size. It’s not very flexible, and can produce bags and sags in all the wrong places. So unless she’s going to try it on first, avoid PVC if you can. Same goes with leather – a more expensive, better-quality and longer-lasting material.

Beware of lycra. The fabric can be rather tight and shows bulges up a little too readily. Velvet, on the other hand, is very nice on the skin, making it a safe choice. Whichever you choose, always touch the fabric first before you buy. If you like how it feels, she probably will too.

How to buy the lingerie of her dreams

Keep it Simple, Stupid

If you can’t work out which strap goes where, which clasp hooks what, chances are, she won’t either. Simple is sexiest. So don’t go for anything that has more hooking or clipping mechanisms than an Iron Man suit.

Keep a Thick Skin

Nothing is more daunting for a man than walking into the lingerie section. We can climb the highest peaks and brave the fiercest storms for our women. But entering rows upon rows of female undergarment and facing the lingerie sales lady can induce panic, a momentary loss of speech, and a reflex to turn around and bolt.

Keep calm. And carry on. It’s a gift you’re getting for the woman you love. And the sales assistant has all the information you don’t. So grow a thick skin, my friend. Fast.

If you’re still embarrassed about it, you can always buy your lingerie online. Just research thoroughly before you do so.

Timing is Everything

There is a time and place for everything. The same goes for presenting your gal with her sexy gift. Unwrapping your present of a peekaboo bra in a crowded restaurant doesn’t make you a sex machine. It makes you gross. More importantly, it makes her want to dig a hole and hide.

Choose an appropriate moment to present your intimate gift. When you’re alone in a quiet candlelight dinner at home, for instance. Or when you’re both in the car after the movies. Or – surprise, surprise – in your bedroom.

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