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January 2013

Poppies For A Weary Mind

2012 was a year of trials and tribulations; for a 12-year-old company to remain relevant in these times is a gargantuan task. But the team is young and energetic (both physically and spiritually, I’m sure!), and every time we push out a new feature and see the encouraging response from our advertisers and readers, we find strength to make bolder moves to bring better content to you.

Some things will remain constant because the team shares a common belief, while being an online company means we have to ebb and flow with the changes in the market. We will continue pushing boundaries with our fashion editorials, as they serve as an outlet for creativity and inspiration for the people we work closely with, designers and photographers alike.

We closed the 2012 with a brand new feature, our very first digital magazine, Weddings by SingaporeBrides. We have received feedback that some of our content look too good not to be in print (I take compliments really well), and admittedly, we have been toying with the idea of a publication for years. But we had to wait for the right time, for our content to be substantial in terms of quality and quantity, before we step out onto new grounds. That’s how we work at SingaporeBrides. I feel we are ready.

Last year, we heard that “Winter is coming”. Has it come yet? We were really busy, storing grains and building shelters, and we will continue to do so to weather the storm. And we’re not quite done yet. Like the growing poppy, we droop in sleep, heavy with promise, and upon blossoming, we colour the world with scarlet pride, the colour of fertility and passion. We shall brighten 2013 up with Poppy Red, an often misunderstood flower that represents potence, faith, and eternal life.

Poppies For A  Weary Mind

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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