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November 2012

A Road Paved With Gold

The last two months of the year are always about celebrations. Companies start organising their annual dinners, families start planning their vacations, and engaged love birds start, well, getting married.

While it is, technically, the “end” of the year, I’d like to think of November and December as the beginning of a brand new year. You “start” the year with parties, reunions, and good food, so the weight of responsibilities for the rest of the year seems less heavy. I have subscribed to the belief that the first and last thing you do every day should be one that makes you happy, and your days will go swimmingly well. So why not apply that to the entire year? Moreover, you can’t go wrong beginning your year with a flute of bubbly in your hand.

Popping a bottle of champagne has become a tradition for commemorating any joyous occasion, from graduations to successful company launches to athletic wins. The bottle of fizzy gold is popped, then poured down a tower of glasses, signifying overflowing abundance.The boisterous “Yum seng!” you hear at all Chinese weddings actually means “Let’s drink to our victory!” — though I’m sure “victory” here means something very different for both the bride and the groom.

The colour gold has always been associated with success, positivity, and of course, wealth, luxury and prestige, and I have featured gold once in last September‘s issue. But I recently learnt that in ancient times, gold symbolises strength, perfection, divinity and balance. That is where terms like the golden ratio, the golden mean, and the golden rule come from. I am most interested in these four ancient ideals associated with this colour, because I believe these are four things all couples should strive for in a marriage. And that is why Champagne Gold is the theme for this issue.

I don’t think there’s a way to be subtle in gold. So if you’re thinking of a gold-themed wedding, be very careful with scale, unless opulence is what you’re seeking. A little bit of gold will go a long way, so if you want a grand, fanciful, indulgent wedding, this is the theme for you. Think sky-high wedding cakes, elaborate wedding stationery and sparkling tablescapes. And remember that when your guests hold up their glasses of Cristal to offer you a toast, they are, in fact, wishing you strength, perfection, divinity and a balance in your new life.

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Michelle Tay
The Editor

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A Road Paved With Gold