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June 2012

Inspiration Board: Jade

Look into your wardrobe: do you see green in there? Chances are, if the items in your closet were in a play, green would play more of a supporting role to the main lead, which is usually one of the variants of black, white, and red. While the show cannot go on without the main protagonists, it is usually the supporting cast that keeps the plot moving and gels the characters together. Sometimes, you may even find yourself preferring a supporting actor over the main lead.

Well, enough of metaphors.

Jade was our colour theme this issue. Judging by the images I had pinned on our Jade inspiration board, it is obvious that, even if green isn’t the first colour that comes to mind when you think of weddings, it is somehow always found at one, peeking through a bountiful hand bouquet, lounging expectantly on the bar counter, or quietly sharing the couple’s happiness as a backdrop at their outdoor garden wedding. We’re not giving out awards here, but if you ask me, I think green deserves a standing ovation.

To read the descriptions of the images, click on the board below to our Pinterest page. We’ll keep adding to it, so follow us if you want more ideas!

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Inspiration Board: Jade